June 5, 2023

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space, the Juice probe begins its adventure towards the moons of Jupiter: it will travel 6.6 billion kilometers. launch video

probe juice affiliateEuropean Space Agency I left for Jupiter so is it Three frozen moons: Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede.

juice (short for Explorer of the icy moons of Jupiter) from French Guiana in south americaattached to the rocket I see that. The probe is the size of a bus and weighs more than 6,300 kilograms, is equipped with a lead coating that protects the most sensitive parts from radiation and is wrapped in thermal blankets, to protect it from the harsh temperatures of space. The solar panels extend to 27 meters to absorb as much solar energy as possible. The probe must arrive Jupiter In the 2031 And spend three years around the planet’s three moons: then it will try to enter orbit Ganymede, the largest moon in our solar system. Experts believe that the three moons can accommodate subterranean oceanswhere they can be found Effects of marine life.

“We will not discover life with juiceThe project scientist stressedEuropean Space Agency, Olivier Witassi. But learn more about moons of Jupiter and on their potential seas It could help scientists answer the question, “Is there life elsewhere?” “This will really be the most interesting aspect of the mission,” he added. Weetas. to reach the largest planet in the solar system, juice will travel 6.6 billion km. It will reach 200 km from the surface of Callisto and 400 km from the surface of Europa and Ganymede, completing 35 flybys of Jupiter. It will then decelerate to the orbit of Ganymede, which is the main target for A mission worth 1.6 billion euros. In fact, no spacecraft has ever orbited a satellite other than our own.

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When launching the probe from French Guiana The king attended Philip and Prince Gabriel of Belgium And two astronauts: the French Thomas Pesquet and the Germany’s Matthias Maurer. The previous launch, scheduled for yesterday, was canceled due to risks associated with Possible lightning strike.