“Sofia Jogia is so self-centered, it’s a shame to portray her as a champion” – OA Sport

For the second time in my long career as a ski journalist I pointed out that Sofia Jogia’s injury wasn’t really seriousif after 40 days (last year) and 23 this time, she was ready to take on a downhill race (after three days of training, needless to say) with jumps and curves at a rate of 130 per hour.With these words Maria Rosa “Nina” Quario He started his own writing on the columns Newspaper. over there Federica Brignoni’s mothera famous journalist for nearly four decades, as well as a great hero from the past, was continue to Interview with Radio Capital Sofia Jogia’s injury was not serious Because he was drawn instead and that the Bergamo-born couldn’t have returned to the competition, winning the silver medal in a downhill at the Olympics, just three weeks after the accident in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The 60-year-old, in her career capable of winning four World Cup races (three in 1983), noted:I sprinkle ashes on my head. I humbly apologize. The problem is that I’ve always considered her a skater like everyone else, up until yesterday, with unique and rare skills of course, but in general in humans. I was wrong. But perhaps it is the meaning of the word grave that escaped me and at this point we will have to find a new adjective To identify injuries to athletes, who come back after a bad fall after six months if all goes well, often a year later, and when they come back they have a hard time in hell, I don’t mean winning races or medals, but more simply to skate with 100% confidence“.

Alpine Skiing, David Brignoni: “My mom is right to think about certain things, but why would you tell them?”

The climate inside the women’s national alpine ski team is intense, and Ninna Quario does not hide behind a finger and focuses on careful analysis: “I repeat my apologies and I believe the real miracle Sofia did it by waking up immediately after the horrific fall of Cortina, with the diagnosis we all know by now. Where is the problem then? It lies in the fact that my horrible mistakes, my lack of confidence are presented as a cry or worse than the outburst of “mother of Brignoni”. That’s no, I don’t kiss it and turn the boxes a little bitThe journalist is eager to assert her authority:I do this business and have been very specialized in alpine skiing and winter sports since 1986, the year I retired from competition after 12 seasons in the national team. 1974-2020: I have been living on skis and mastic for 48 years, would you like to give me some experience and expertise in this sector? I give it to myself and also tell you in 1986 when I started writing, Federica wasn’t born yet, but she wasn’t even in my thoughts.“.

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In the downhill Goggia won the silver, but we must remember that Nadia Delago wore a beautiful bronze around her neck. A fact that Ninna Quario wanted to focus on: “It has been amplified before, during and especially after in To pass Sofia Jogia as the worlds champion (We are in China, right?), Shamefully and unfairly tarnishes not only the achievement of his podium mate Nadiabut also for all the other athletes who participated in Beijing and may have won medalsAnother interesting passage follows:I also dared to say that Goggia is selfish. Yes, I repeat it and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise to me, ready to provide several examples in support of my thesis. I’m just giving you the last one in chronological order: wouldn’t it look like the selfish person who called home several hours after the race not to share his joy and pride but to see the reactions to his medal in Italy? I repeat my apologies if I offended anyone, but I confirm everything I said to Radio Capital“.

Alpine Skiing, David Brignoni: “My mom is right to think about certain things, but why would you tell them?”

The conclusion will certainly make us discuss: “I’m ready to take on the serious (yeah, that would be) Consequences of not bending at the feet of Sofia Jogia. I just hope my daughter doesn’t pay for it too: That would be really unfairRemember it Federica Brignoni won the World Cup in 2020 (The Italian skater has never succeeded in the past), the most successful Italian ever at the major international circuit (19 confirmed, three in the current season) and from In Beijing 2022 won the silver medal in the giant (After the bronze four years ago in Pyeongchang) And bronze in combination (This morning, when Ninna Quario’s message was already posted.)

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