So the Pentagon wages wars by proxy

So the Pentagon wages wars by proxy

What is it and how does the secret program 127E work

he is called 127 AH and he Secret US program to wage proxy wars. Make Disclosure the Investigative Journalism Site Interceptwho published a long and very detailed article revealing hitherto unknown details of the operation Pentagon. It consists of training and financing foreign forces to defend US interests in strategic countries. Not a small find, since it’s a file A questionable program of constitutional legitimacy According to reporters Nick Torres And the Alice Sperrywho did the job for a year.

The 127e secret program was already known to them, and they even described its spread in some African countries. But thanks to the public document access request, based on Freedom of Information Act (Foia), the newspaper got a The first official confirmation that the Pentagon’s secret 127e programBorn at the beginning of surgery Uses In Afghanistan, it was It also operates in the Middle East and Asia At least until 2020. The two journalists spoke of 23 operations conducted between 2017 and 2020 in different regions of the world. But Joseph Votela retired general who conducted special operations from CentraleCentCom . command, confirmed the existence of other transactions, which were never disclosed. It is located aroundCounter-terrorism activities in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen“.

“How the United States Deals with Wars and Dynamic Power”

Intercept He cites another declassified document that shows it thanks to this Secret Program 127eThe pentagonal It was able to operate indirectly in areas of the world that would otherwise be off-limits even to the elite forces of the US military. In other words, it is proxy warsat any pentagonal He intervenes without getting his hands dirty directly and without risking casualties among his soldiers. They just act Few specialized unitswhich have purely strategic functions, that is Training and support for local militias. In this way, the file United States terms and direction of wars and power dynamicsbut without appearing or having to give justifications.

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In 2020 alone, there were 19 active operations, one in an unspecified region in the Indo-Pacific region, five in Africa and 13 in the CentCom sector. Votel explains the value of this secret 127e program: “It makes it possible to pursue anti-terror targets using local forces that can easily adapt to the unique conditions of the specific area of ​​operations“.Without American losses, political risks and public opinion reactions. But it remains to be understood which units US special forces cooperate with, for example Egyptwhere is she Amnesties And the Human Rights Watch Documenting human rights violations. Reflection unanswered, as the Egyptian Embassy in the United States did not provide any explanation Intercept.

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