Slow internet, with this new technology, will only be a bad memory: finally it will be lightning

Slow internet, with this new technology, will only be a bad memory: finally it will be lightning
Slow Internet – Tech Passion

As we have told you time and time again, the advent of the Internet between the 90s and the early 2000s was a turning point in terms of technological advancement, and thus it was able to innovate in many areas. In fact, we know very well to what extent, even in the telephony and telecommunications sector, technological progress is happening more rapidly than in the past.

Nowadays, more and more people have an internet connection, and they have an active offer with one of the major telephone companies. Precisely in this there is an awkwardness of choice, and the customer often finds himself having to compare dozens and dozens of different companies with their relative estimates, in order to choose the most suitable offer. Evaluate the pros and cons of each respectively the offer currently on the market.

Decades ago, most homes, at least as far as Italy was concerned, were generally equipped with an ADSL connection, with optical fibers only relegated to the capitals of the Italian boot.

Until now we can say without any doubt that the situation has almost reversed, because fortunately the optical fiber has gained more and more ground within the Italian territory, thus increasing the level of average speed (both regarding download and upload) of the Internet in Italy.

In the early 2000s, in fact, for those who still remember it, the Internet connection went through the telephone connection, with a download speed that rarely exceeded 20 megabytes per second. Quite the opposite situation compared to today thanks to optical fibers, where instead in the main cities of Italy we exceed 1 GB in downloads, with this technology the average speed in Italy is about 100 MB per second.

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How do you orient yourself?

To find the best deal, our advice is It is based on FTTH optical fiber Where possible, or rather fiber to the home, which goes directly to the customer’s home, unlike the FTTC which limits itself to access to the closet closest to the house, with a fairly significant loss in terms of downloads and uploads.

If instead you live in mountainous areas or in rural areas, our advice is to take advantage of FWA technologyThey are included by radio repeaters scattered throughout the territory.

Optical fiber – a technological passion

So we just have to see how, over the next few months or years, the internet connection situation in Italy will be updated, with the possibility of the emergence and introduction of new technologies in this regard.

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