Amazon will invest $15.7 billion in its data centers in Aragon

Amazon will invest $15.7 billion in its data centers in Aragon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) intends to invest 15.7 billion euros over the next ten years in Aragon in expanding the three data centers it put into operation a year and a half ago. The project, through which the Community wants to position itself as a technological center on the national and European map, will represent the largest economic injection carried out in the history of the Autonomous Community and also the largest in Spain in this sector. The e-commerce giant’s technology company promises to create about 6,800 permanent, ongoing jobs in a land where it has found its shoehorn for these types of facilities, which are key to the explosion of artificial intelligence.

New location

The announcement was made during an event held at the Expo Water Tower, which was briefly reopened for the occasion. Under the impressive Splash statue, the American giant unveiled its new investment plans, an event in which the General Director of AWS in Spain and Portugal, Susana Coric, and the President of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, starred, who confirmed that the project had already been announced. of regional concern at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors to expedite its treatment. “With this investment, the brightest page in Aragon’s economic history is being written,” he said.

The AWS Information Warehouses, located in Osca, Vilanova de Gallego and El Borgo de Ebro, will expand their area to 400 hectares, with the news being that there will be a new location on the Empresarium property in Zaragoza. This area greatly exceeds that occupied by the Delicias neighborhood of Zaragoza and is ten times larger in area than Parque Grande. This means doubling nearly nine hectares of the current 46 hectare plots and doubling the initial investment of $2,500 million that the company has planned so far.

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In particular, the Houska area – the available area in the group’s terminology – will be expanded by 62 hectares around Wallaga and 700 meters of the existing warehouse located in the Belhus area. Those in Villanueva, in another 85 hectares of land on either side of the facilities they now occupy. The building in El Burgo de Ebro will receive another 44 hectares, also close to the current AWS building. 147 hectares will be added to these sites in the Empresarium’s ownership, but this new site will technically form part of the same available area as El Burgo de Ebro.

The project will have an economic impact of 21,600 million in Spain’s GDP until 2033, of which 12,900 will be in Aragon, while it will promote the generation of 17,500 full-time jobs throughout the national territory, of which 6,800 will be in the territory that will host the four projects. New data centers, explained Susana Coric, general manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Spain and Portugal. The project’s deployment will directly double the nearly 8,000 jobs currently generated by the technology sector.

“It is the most important investment in the history of our autonomous community” and also in Europe, from a technology point of view, emphasized Azcon, whose goal is for Aragon to become “the great technological center of southern Europe.” “.

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