Sky – Inter with two factors: recovery and swelling. The Frenchman seeks consistency, like Inzaghi

Sky – Inter with two factors: recovery and swelling.  The Frenchman seeks consistency, like Inzaghi

Against the Portuguese team, the Nerazzurri played a great match, but like other matches, they were able to solve the problem in the second half thanks to the Frenchman

Victory vs benfica, In how he was born, in what he was created, in what he saw San SiroIt’s a great boost to self-esteem Inter to Inzaghi. This came after a draw with Real Sociedad, a 1-0 win at Empoli with some difficulty, and a defeat to Sassuolo, and there was an air of anxiety around the Nerazzurri’s play. In Salerno he scored 4-0 Lautaro Martinez He arrived at the second half after a very stumbling first half and showed a sign of recovery.

Even against the Portuguese in Champions League The win came in the second half, but upon preparation we saw a completely different team. Because the Nerazzurri created a lot. So much so that Skysport talked about it “The competitive ferocity that belongs to great teams.”

“That incessant strike against Benfica and the repeated chances for the Argentine, in addition to the wonderful work that led to Thuram’s goal, are proof that certain ideas and principles of play, when implanted in players’ heads, always stick.” Producing alternatives and game variants that ultimately pay off.”Andrea Paventi explained.

Matches at the moment Inter Brings them home in the second half. It happened in the goals against Fiorentina and Milan and also in the matches against Empoli and Salernitana and last night against Benfica. Against Real Sociedad, the Nerazzurri recovered from a one-goal deficit in the same manner in the second half of the match. Factor how Swelling. His third goal this season and the first goal in Europe for the Frenchman, and the third for his nationality in the history of Inter after that Vieira and Djorkaeff.

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