Crazy scene filmed in Holland

Crazy scene filmed in Holland

woman in topless try riding a Dolphin in Sea. Crazy scene comes fromDutch, more precisely than Zandvoort. A video was posted on Twitter It shows the woman seeing the animal and with an amusing pose trying to ride on her back, as if it were a wooden horse. The video lasts about a minute, as the lady (who appears without the masquerade piece that should cover her breasts) repeatedly tries to ride the dolphin, causing it to fall awkwardly and worrying the people watching the scene. In fact, two boys tried to push her away, to prevent the dolphin from getting hurt. Someone else shouted at her to stop.

The Netherlands, a woman tries to ride a dolphin and unleashes animal rights activists

The video could get the woman into trouble, who she thought was making a guillotine gesture. In fact, as reported by RTL, the police opened an investigation to find out if a crime had been committed. The animal was in severe distress at the time. According to the Dutch whale rescue organization SOS Dolfijn, seeing a dolphin on the beach in Zandvoort is “extremely unpleasant”. They add from the association that these animals “must be in the North Sea, they are deep sea animals.” These animals do not live well in these types of water. They are looking for food at a depth of two or three kilometers.”

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