Sinner beats Shelton 2-0 and flies to the quarterfinals of Indian Wells

The Frecciarossa of Alto Adige does not even stop at Ben Shelton and is on the verge of 18 consecutive victories. Another great performance from Jannik Sinner who against the left-handed player from 2002 (the first he faced this year) won him a place in the quarter-finals of the Indian Wells tournament where on Thursday he will face Jiri Lehicka who eliminated Stefanos Tsitsipas by reaching the final 8 of the Masters 1000.

A fierce battle that lasted for an hour and ten minutes in the first set, where all the courage of the 21-year-old was thrown on the court to contain the excessive power of the Italian, as he first took the lead with a break of serve and then was caught again by the American, who finally gives up the first set in the tie-break and suffers. From a major setback in the second group. Ben Shilton cries when he loses 7-6 6-1 but once again he shows talent and lethal intensity when put on the court with discipline and less impulsiveness.


In the fourth game Sinner made a mistake for the first time and Shelton was very dangerous: he had two break points. The first is canceled out with a powerful serve with a forehand, then the American returns the ball to the net and Yannick advances. With a backhand error from Sinner, Ben has a third break point, and he has a chance to close the exchange with his forehand but it goes too long. After 6 minutes of play, another break point is the fourth. First winner and still level, then Sinner has the chance to make it 2-2 and close. The South Tyrolean team senses danger and in the fifth game presses the accelerator and takes a 3-2 lead on the second break point. Jannik Sinner remains at the forefront as long as the group is needed. He keeps touching the elbow and gets tied up at 30-30 and then to the advantages. The tape that helped him now condemns him to the counter ball. Long backhand allows Shelton to come back: 5-5. But Yannick keeps his calm and gets 3 break points. He can't finish. Shelton continues serving with the crowd on his side: 6-5. Sinner wins the tie-break without flinching: he starts, recovers an impossible ball, takes a little break forward, and goes 2-0 up. He gets a time violation for changing the loose ball and with a smash increases the lead to 3-0. Shilton sends in the second and Jannik takes control of the point, another mini-break at 4-1, but immediately after Ben recovers, it's 4-4. Once again, everything had to be done again, and even Cahill was starting to feel nervous. The American returns to level: 4-4, but loses serve again. This time, Yannick takes the place of the American, gets a set point and ends the tie-break with a score of 7-4. Shelton goes back to a sub-par court in the second set, makes too many errors, thinks too much, loses confidence in his serve and immediately suffers a break, down 4-1 and drops serve again in the sixth game and sends Sinner to serve. the match. It did not fail, the #2 operation in the world is still in place.

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