January 28, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Vialli, at the London Clinic where he is being treated for cancer

The atmosphere is “spirited” from the nurses’ strike. His friend Mancini and FIGC are in constant contact with the family

From our correspondent Andrea Ramazzotti

In a London that has risen with the sun but also with a severe cold, Gianluca Vialli is once again fighting the battle against pancreatic cancer that has forced him to undergo treatment since 2017. In the clinic where he was also in the past, today he “revives” the strike of the nursing staff demanding wages occasion by chanting slogans and raising banners. Cars and buses passing on the street show solidarity by honking their horns. The scene, against which are the lights of a large Christmas tree in the yard, would also be interesting if Vialli and the other patients had not been fighting for their lives inside the hospital.


The former national team striker is undergoing a new course of treatment because the disease has returned with skill to knock on his door. It forced him to abandon his role as head of the elected delegation and focus solely on his illness. With the support of his family and his mother, who left Cremona to be by his side. His friend Mancini and FIGC are in constant contact with the hope that this time too, as in recent years, Vialli will be able to keep the tumor at bay. They hope to hug him again soon. Like all Italian football fans.