Simon Morrow rescued in Kathmandu, an avalanche destroys the base camp in Manaslu

Simon Morrow rescued in Kathmandu, an avalanche destroys the base camp in Manaslu

Kathmandu. He said it just two days ago and his great experience proved it right.

For a few weeks now, a Bergamasco mountaineer Simon Morrow It is located in Nepal, in Kathmandu, to make a climb to Manaslu, the Himalayan mountain range, the peak of which reaches 8 thousand meters.

Three days ago, due to bad weather and three meters of snow falling in the past few days, Moreau decided to return to the city with a Basque mountaineer. Alex Tsikun And to all the Sherpas who are on this adventure with him.

And he did well, because an avalanche hit the base camp, which is located at an altitude of 4,800 metres, on Sunday.

Moreau had motivated his pick on his Facebook page as follows: “The avalanche risk was 5. Even if the base camp is safe, it’s up to a point. When the avalanches approach and feel them, it’s no longer an act of resistance or heroism.” You have to get out of trouble. That’s why we all went to Samagaon, it was a joint decision.”

Then Simon and Alex boarded a helicopter that took them to town: “This is a rule of conduct that some may not agree with, but none of us wanted to be champions, risking our lives just because the more you risk, the better you do. I think differently and I’m glad that Alex has the same mentality.”

January 2022

In a new post on Monday, the mountaineer announced that his caution saved his life: “An avalanche swept through the base camp and partially destroyed it. Obviously, this does not make us happy at all and will create additional problems for us, and on the other hand confirms that we made a wise choice.”

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Then share the message he himself sent to the photographer Oswald Rodrigo Pereira, Who’s on Samagaon: “I always follow my nose and experience and this time getting away from the mountain saved our lives. Going to Samagaon or Kathmandu wasn’t a haven for frightened children (as some believe or think) but was simply the smartest strategic solution. Climbing in winter doesn’t require hope and motivation. It requires not only a lot of experience, a lot of time (3 months), a lot of patience, a lot of logistics, a budget and a lot of humility.I hope what happened shows us all that it is better to follow the nose and advice of those who are still alive after 70 trips Exploratory…If I say we have to take 1 week/10 days, it means that it should save our lives and not because I need a soft and warm bed.Our ego often kills us because we feel competitive or watch from the outside.People who want to fight in the snow the deep ones, and those who want to speed up or run or blindly show how they can withstand danger usually die and Alex and I don’t want any of us to die in Manaslu.So I tell everyone not to go up the mountain at least in the first 3/4 days of sun because the avalanches Others will go down.

January 2022

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