June 5, 2023

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NASA is sounding the alarm. Possible consequences »ILMETEO.it

Geomagnetic storm toward Earth: NASA sounds the alarm; no consequences

Earth is in danger. A geomagnetic storm is feared

Earth is in danger. A geomagnetic storm is fearedIn recent months, there has been a filesolar activity larger than normal. This factor frightens many scientists and experts from all over the world because there is a fear that one of them will develop geomagnetic storm Able to have somewhat disastrous consequences for us ground.

To sound the alarm first, as well as reported Prophetit was just there NASA Which, through a 24-hour public video of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, indicates how a large sunspot is’AR3014It has doubled in size and is constantly increasing.
It is precisely this “glow” phenomenon that causes a magnetic storm. The latter was observed about a week ago on the side of the Sun and is directed exactly towards our planet. In addition, the coronal mass ejection caused 3 flares, but there may be more to expect, because this spot is “literally irritating”.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this “sickness” of the sun can cause serious disruption to satellites. And what about the land? What could the consequences be? The possibility of a geomagnetic storm could help confusion And
Network communication problems.

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