Inter, Inzaghi: The club’s great goal is the Scudetto. Kamada? Many like him, he has qualities… ‘| first page

Inter, Inzaghi: The club’s great goal is the Scudetto.  Kamada?  Many like him, he has qualities… ‘|  first page

From Japan, where Inter are champions in these summer tour days, come the words Simon InzaghiPresented at an event organized in Osaka. It begins by counting the season that ended in Istanbul on June 10: “Last year was an excellent yearWhich allowed us to win the Coppa Italia, the Italian Super Cup, and then reach the Champions League final which was a great success – the words of the Piacenza coach were released on the YouTube channel. soccer -. We’ve grown at the European level compared to my first year at the Nerazzurri, not every year you’re in the final. It wasn’t like that 12 years ago. It’s a source of pride.”

Objectives – “Of course we would like to assert ourselves in Europe, we will try knowing that it will be very difficult. The club’s great goal is the Scudetto, we are trying to prepare ourselves and strengthen ourselves as best we can. We have hope of winning the title.”

Coach role – “It’s important, I love coaching, but for me, the players, the key players are key. I have many people in the coaching staff who help me.”

Italian football – “Apart from the clichés about the bolt, I would say that Italian football is getting a lot better, in fact Inter, Roma and Fiorentina reached their cup finals last season. Italian football is on the rise. In Serie A there are 20 teams, 10 playing at the back, ten playing three. The 3-5-2 gave me great guarantees, but we are the coaches ready for anything. The first few years at Lazio, I played as a defenceman.”

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Inter in Japan – “We’ve only been here one day, I’ve never been to Japan. I’m happy to be here because I wanted to get to know this country. I liked Osaka a lot, and I know there are a lot of our fans here. Seeing them is a huge relief.”

Japanese players – “There are many who are doing well, we have in Italy. I think of Kamada, and he is now in negotiations with several clubs. I faced him when he played for Eintracht, he is a good opponent.”

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