Shot by Arisa, Tovanen intervenes

Shot by Arisa, Tovanen intervenes

among the guests very right On the Saturday, May 13 episode, there’s also arise. The singer decided to confess once and for all with Silvia Tovanen. He told her with very private overtones, “If you’re at peace with yourself, one can say whatever he wants,” he began before delving into the criticisms he received. “What hurts me the most? When they say I’m crazy.” She’s crazy anyway.” Always like that. But now I think almost everyone has realized it’s just my way of being. I’m not crazy, I’m just a little bit of you.” At this point the presenter can’t interrupt and corrects her: “You’re so sensitive, you’re so introspective.”

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In the Canale 5 studio, the artist wanted to present his latest single. the topic? One thing that happens to her a lot: “Sometimes You don’t feel good enough And you want to give up. But it’s my story and I keep going, staying. I would say I have a romance but I don’t have anything – he said – there is no one. I’ve never loved myself so much in the relationships I’ve had in the past. Now I would like something else, something simple, mutual, light. I would like someone who cares about me, who wants to build something together.”

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Diktat, in his opinion, is difficult to respect. So much so that he joked: “If you keep making these claims I will be a spinster all my life. Once Emma (Brown, ed.) said something here that I really liked: “It’s better to be alone than with anyone else.” I am in the conscious age of a woman, in my forties. I had many friends, she told me, and now I’m waiting.

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