Shakira and Pique’s mother allegedly had a fight

Shakira and Pique’s mother allegedly had a fight

The story has become incredible

by Rolling Stone

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What was the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique, sung in new details every day. Details we probably would have done without, but so be it. In fact, new rumors say that the player’s mother was going to help her son hide his affair with Shakira’s Clara Chia Marty.

“When the relationship between Pique and Clara Xia began, the couple took refuge in a house owned by Pique’s parents in Cabrils, Spain,” said Spanish journalist Laura Fa. The Pique Mubarak family was going to witness a physical fight between Shakira and the soccer player’s mother.

According to the witness, while the two were arguing heatedly, “Monserrat Bernabéu punched Shakira in the face in front of Gerrard and his children.” However, this is still a rumour, as neither side has confirmed it. The two divorced last June, after Shakira hired a private investigator to spy on her ex-husband and confirm her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Gerard Pique’s mother claims she did everything to make the relationship between Shakira and her son work, she told Lecturas magazine. If the two hit each other, it would also explain the witch’s doll that the singer placed on the porch of the house, facing her former mother-in-law’s house. Make a movie about it soon

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