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from Giuseppe Sarsena, Washington reporter

A red SUV drove through the crowds gathered on the street to watch the Christmas Parade in downtown near Milwaukee

Several dead and 28 wounded, including at least 15 children. This is the outcome of the still tentative Waukesha massacre in Wisconsin. At about 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 21, a red SUV drove into crowds gathered on the street to watch the traditional Christmas Parade in Downtown, a residential suburb of Milwaukee. Police Chief Daniel Thompson made two quick press points in the evening (late night in Italy). The chariot broke through the protective barriers and rushed at full speed towards the procession.

The videos spread across Twitter are impressive. The car moved on the right side of the road, passed a group of girls waving orange flags and touching a maybe 3 or 4 year old girl in pink. The pier is occupied mainly by families. Lots of kids, some in prams. Probably many elderly people, grandfathers and grandmothers. In another clip we see another formation: they are the pellet girls. Black Pants and White Hats: They sing and dance while waving big bows the color of snow. Some ladies move next to them: they hand out sweets to the little spectators.

At some point, the image jumps. When the drama scene returns. At least two bodies lay helplessly on the asphalt. Strollers, upside-down chairs, shoes and hats were strewn everywhere. Are these young students also on the list of victims? For now, Police Chief Thompson doesn’t want to give more details: We must respect the families’ pain. Not all parents have been warned yet. Here is another sequence. It’s a shot from the balcony. The band goes in order. Some musicians wear Santa Claus hats. It breaks into the red SUV and heads toward the left row.

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It sounds like a tragic strike: men and women fell to the ground like a bowling alley. The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, the dancing grandmothers of Milwaukee, posts a post on their Facebook page: Some members of our group and other volunteers have been affected. We are waiting to know their circumstances. Investigators arrested one of the suspects and recovered the SUV. Are there other partners? Absolutely not, but Thompson adds that the investigation is fluid.

The main street area of ​​the city is closed And investigators continue their findings. Finally I shot him. The police chief confirms that it was the agent who used the weapon: three shots to try to prevent the car from escaping from the closed area. We will have to wait until we officially know the identity of the arrested person and the reasons for his criminal act. Thompson has set the next 13 update on Monday 22 November (20 in Italy).

Just to give an element of context: Waukesha is only 70 years old kilometers from Kenosha, where last Friday a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenage militiaman who killed two protesters, during clashes in August 2020. But for now, it must be emphasized that there is no indication of a link between the Waukesha tragedy And Kenosha’s sentence. Online videos, precious information, inferences, lies and political exploitation are intertwined. Care should be taken to choose well-founded news or reliable rumors. In the evening, the White House issued a statement: The President was kept informed of developments and made available to the Waukesha authorities all possible assistance. FBI agents are already in the field.

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