Serie A, spectators data: Milan surprises everyone

At the end of the first round of the program Serie A 2021/22 It’s time for assessment, on and off the field. The well-known gate Football and finance All data relating to viewers In the stadiums this first part of the season.

There have been more than 3 million spectators so far, with Milan first In this special arrangement with 378.300 Someone brought to the San Siro in just nine races, an average 42,033 spectators per match.

Milan, fans, first division

He follows Romespontaneously 408,698 Fans (and with one game more than the Rossoneri) slightly exceeds evenInter. The last was Sassuolo, averaging 5’500 spectators per game. under the classification The turnout rate for the stadiums:

  • Milan: average 42,033 spectators per match
  • Rome: 40,869 spectators on average per match
  • Inter: average 40,628 spectators per match
  • Napoli: 25,880 spectators on average per match
  • Lazio: average number of spectators is 23,555 per match
  • Juventus: an average of 19,924 spectators per match
  • Fiorentina: 19,350 average spectators per match
  • Bologna: 14.517 spectators on average per match
  • Salernitana: Average number of spectators is 13,620 per match
  • Verona: 12,625 spectators on average per match
  • Genoa: an average of 11,586 spectators per match
  • Udinese: an average of 10,300 spectators per match
  • Atalanta: average 9,955 spectators per match
  • Turin: average number of spectators 8,309 per match
  • Cagliari: average 7,898 spectators per match
  • Venice: average 6,896 spectators per match
  • Spezia: 5.943 spectators on average per match
  • Empoli: average 5,871 spectators per match
  • Sampdoria: average spectators 5,837 per match
  • Sassuolo: average of 5,562 spectators per match
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