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The Napoleons struggle for an hour before the Poles win. Castanos and Coulibaly expelled

Napoli beat Salernitana 1-0He won his 10th league title in 11 days and won the Campania derby, his first in Serie A after 73 years. Without Osimhen and Insigne, the leaders put in a lot of effort and only got there thanks to the left Zelensky After a side street in Petagna (61′). Then Di Lorenzo saves a free kick on the goal line Ribery (81′). Castanos and Coulibaly expelled.

the match
The less beautiful Napoli this season brings three points as sweaty as they are important in the championship battle. Victory was required at any cost and snatched with her teeth from Salernitana who gave it all and with a little luck he could have won by a small point and no one could shout out the scandal. Without Osimhen and Insigne, the Spalletti boys are slow and predictable, with distant relatives Mertens and Lozano liking players in the past. A good Tuscan technician is lucky to catch the two men off the bench who put a hand in the winning goal: Elmas gives the action and Betania hits the crossbar before Zelensky wins with his left foot. Hosts have the advantage of never giving up, even when they’re still at 10, and holding onto the immortal Ribery class, which causes an unusual candidate to kick out Koulibaly making the last 10′ really glow. And if Napoli’s championship hopes undoubtedly passed from Ussimine and Insigne, then Salernitana’s salvation is all in the feet of the 38-year-old Frenchman.

For the first derby in Serie A after 73 seasons, Colantono Schiavone, winner of the Venice match, fired from the first minute, and in attack, the suspicion between Simi and Djuric was resolved in favor of Gondo, who is paired with Bonazoli. Ribery works behind their backs. Spalletti, already without Osimene, must also succumb at the start 11 to Insigne, on the bench due to muscle strain. From the outside there is Lozano and Politano.

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As expected, it is the leader who makes the match but there is no accuracy in the last meters and Osimhen’s ability to send their defenses into crisis due to his speed and physical ability in the area, which Mertens lacks. Napoli for the first time this season never sets a goal frame so Bielik didn’t even interfere and was frightened at 7′ only by Zielinski, who finishes high a few steps and roars after a puncture by Strandberg. The first half of the marigolds are very self-absorbed and self-deprecating, even if they can’t reboot with danger. The only noteworthy action is a header from Schiavone in the insert that expects the best-positioned partner Gondo (31′).

After a quarter of an hour along the lines of the first fracture, Spalletti recalls the dead Mertens and Lozano and inserts Betania and Elmas. A move decides the match, given that they are both champions in the event ending with Zielinski’s goal (61′), which Belec could do better in the finale of the match: the second starts the move, and the first takes the crossbar. When he was then in ’69’ Fabri, summoned by Farr, waves red to Kastanos for a killer entry into Anguissa, the credits seem to be pouring in. But Salernitana does not give up and 8′ later restores numerical parity, when Ribery throws Simi stopped by Koulibaly: even if the ball is not between the feet of the Nigerian striker, the referee has no doubts and the Senegalese central is sent off. Ribery’s subsequent free kick was saved by Di Lorenzo (81). In the final, the two teams had more time, Bilek says no to Elmas and Mario Rui and in the 96th minute the ball hit 1-1 to Gagliolo’s foot, but Parma’s previous rebound with his left foot into an empty net ends high.

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report cards
Ribery 6,5
– The ID card says 38, the race is no longer like the golden years, but the foot is always super, like the ball for Simi posted by Coulibaly. Exhilarating subsequent punishment, Di Lorenzo refused on the line.
Belek 5,5 – Disabled in the first half, he scored directly from the first shot and Zelensky’s left foot was far from resisting. Watch out for Elmas and Mario Roy at the end, but it’s too late.
Castanos 4 – Destroys a decent race with a fatal entry on Anguisa’s ankle. Fabri showed him yellow, then Var called him and rightly turned the card red.

Zelensky 6,5 Ready, go and devour a clear opportunity. He’s among the worst in the field, even the three-point clutch, with Bielik’s complicity.
Koulibaly 5.5.1 – To put a patch on Rahmani’s uncertainty, being late to Ribéry, he dragged Simi over the net. Fabri had no doubts and waved red at him. It has held without problems before.
Mertens 5 – Osimene’s injury gives him a 1′ chance that the Belgian striker, who is still far from acceptable form, misses poorly. Never dangerous, after an hour of hardship, Spalletti prefers pitagna over it.

Salernitana – Napoli 0-1
Salerno (4-3-1-2)
: Belek 5.5; Zortea 6, Strandberg 6, Gyomber 6, Ranieri 6 (43 ‘st Gagliolo sv.); Schiavone 6 (43′ st Djuric sv), Di Tacchio 5.5, Kastanos 4; Ribery 6.5; Bonazzoli 5.5 (26′ st Obi 5.5), Gondo 5 (19’ st Simy 6). Available: Fiorillo, Russo, Jaroszynski, Veseli, Aya, Kechrida, Delli Carri, Vergani. everybody.: Kolantono 6
Naples (4-3-3): Ospina 6; Di Lorenzo 6.5, Rahmani 5.5, Coulibaly 5.5, Mario Rui 6; Anguissa 6, Fabian Ruiz 6, Zielinski 6.5 (50′ st Zanoli sv); Politano 5.5 (35′ st Juan Jesus sv), Mertens 5 (15′ st Petagna 6), Lozano 5 (15′ st Elmas 6.5). Available: Merritt, Marvella, Glam, Deem, Lobotka, Ensen. everybody.: Spalletti 6
Rule: blacksmiths
Signs: 16′ St. Zelensky (North)
ammonite: Anguisa (North), Mario Rui (North)
Disqualified: At 24 ‘st Kastanos (S) for a fatal error on Anguissa. At 32 ‘Saint Coulibaly (North) for another man’s fault on Simi

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Napoli have won only for the second time in 10 of their first 11 seasons in Serie A history (first in 2017/18).
Napoli have kept seven clean sheets in their last eight Serie A matches: a record-breaking period (from mid-September) in the top five European leagues.
Napoli have not conceded a goal in their last four Serie A matches for the first time since February 2019.
Napoli have won all of the last eight Serie A derbies from Campania, scoring at least one goal in each (21 in total, 2.6 per game).
Only Lorenzo Pellegrini and Frank Casey (both 10) scored more goals than Piotr Zielinski (nine) in 2021 among Serie A midfielders.
Peter Zielinski scored seven away goals in 2021 in the first division: no midfielder has done better in that period (Frank Casey also seven).
Starting in 2014/15, his first season in Serie A, Gabriel Paletta (seven) has been sent off (seven) more times than Kalidou Koulibaly (six) in Serie A.
Napoli scored from the first shot in the mirror of the match, which arrived in the 61st minute.
Napoli did not have any shots on target in the first 45 minutes of play for the first time in this league; The last match goes back to last May against Verona.

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