October 2, 2022

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“My love affair with Juventus will never end. At the end of the season I will set up.”

Juventus captain after the success against Sassuolo who closed the Champions League: “The ambition is always to win and next year this is the intention…”

My love affair with Juventus is not over and will never end. Love is so great on my part and I also think on their side that it will never end. At the end of the season I will be staying with my family: one at home and at the club.” After Sassuolo’s comeback success who blocks the Champions League zone in the Bianconeri, Giorgio Chiellini Looking to the future: “Of course I have to do some assessments with my family, but fourth place comes first and the Coppa Italia.”

“Only after that I will think about the rest – added the Juventus captain – last year I renewed after the European Championship, today I live calmly and happily.” So there is no clue for the future, even if the analysis of Mabe Chiellini’s victory speaks for itself as a player (“Now it’s important to keep fourth, then maybe try to get as high as possible. Closing the well will help to get a better start next year”), and as a manager (” The growth path is important, but the ranking reflects what we saw and it is true. The ambition of this team is to win, we must not be complacent, without giving up trying to achieve success.”).

Juventus took 12 points from a double point in 2022 in Serie A, at least 5 more than any other team: “Is it a good thing or a bad thing? – Chiellini asks with a laugh – we have character, this team when it’s in a trap, But we must be able to do that even before we slap, there is room to grow, or else we won’t be fourth.”

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