A new chapter in progress, heavily influenced by the war in Ukraine – Multiplayer.it

A new chapter in progress, heavily influenced by the war in Ukraine – Multiplayer.it

In the post announcing the availability of the Metro Exodus SDK, 4A Games also gave updates on their next project in development, and talked candidly about the upcoming Metro Exodus SDK. New part from the series meter. Without going into details, the Ukrainian studio talked about how the story told in the game is affected by the invasion of Russia, which has now started since February 2022:

“Even the next Subway changes for the better. And not just because of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We’ve never hidden the fact that the Metro series firmly contained Peaceful and political. Sure, we always wanted to immerse you in this post-apocalyptic world, but there’s also a great story to tell. The war in Ukraine prompted us to re-evaluate the Next Metro story genre. All of Metro’s themes: conflict, power, politics, tyranny and oppression, are now part of our daily lives. So we decided to welcome them and bring them into the game for a new purpose. It’s the most important thing for us right now.”

After describing the daily hassles of life in the studio, the post went on to explain: “Our ‘new’ nature…isn’t normal by any measure. It’s life in wartime Inevitably, we will enter into the matches we play.”

Hence the specifications for the development of a second project, about which practically nothing is said except that it is “close to our hearts and yours.” We’ll see what it is, and we hope above all that the whole team will overcome these difficult moments.

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