Serie A, even the rich: how much do Italian footballers earn –

Serie A, even the rich: how much do Italian footballers earn –

Have you ever wondered how much soccer players earn in Italy? A study conducted by the INPS shows that not everything is rosy. Unveil the numbers

L’Italy It is going through a crisis period that has been going on for many years now. The football system is particularly affected by this, and this clearly affects the competitiveness of our league, which is now one of the worst in the top five.Europe for quality and presentation.

How much do they earn in the first division (ANSA) Calciomercatoweb

A crisis that forces almost all teams to league Pay close attention to the accounts. Until now, our championship can no longer afford salaries of a certain level, as it happened in the past and as it is happening now in Premier League. However, let me be clear: We’re still talking about significant numbers, especially when compared to the rest of the population.

But not all of them are millionaires, as some might think, and this is confirmed by the data reported by the INPS (Social Security Institution of Pension System). More than 50% of the members figIn fact, he earns less than €50,000 annually. Here is the data from the study.

Millionaire soccer players in Italy are in the minority

In 2022 there were 4,343 members fig towards which they have to contribute. Among them there are foreign players. As expected, the 56% Of these declared total compensation amounting to 50 thousand euro It is the main category with the largest number of instrumentalists, while the band with the most is represented by 16%. 10 thousand euros. But now let’s move on to the higher categories. between the 50 thousand Hey 100 thousand euros Just over 10% of football players annually (457 in total). On the other hand, the 970 announced a contribution of between 100,000 and 700,000 euros, or 23% of the total.

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Receipts for players in Serie A (Ansa) Calciomercatoweb

And now let’s move on to the richest category, that is, those who earn more than 700,000 euros a year from the footballer’s career: it is “only” 11%, so 484. And, as can be easily understood, they are all subordinates league. A very low figure somehow explains the moment of crisis in our championship. Even now, as previously written, it is very difficult to compete with clubs Premier League And not only that, as he also recently made clear Paul Maldini in an interview.

The gap is huge and our teams must work with ideas and visions, just as I did Milan And Naples, the last two teams to win the first division (and with lower wages than the other two teams). A complex situation that ended up being, among other things, at the center of discussions regarding Juventus. Who, for the salary maneuver operation, got away with a plea bargain and a fine. But the club knows very well that they will have to fix the problem immediately and try to get back to the right standards.

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