Senza is convinced: ‘We’ll put the pride and character on and play with it’

Beppe Scienza’s look at the press conference is worth more than many words. The coach has at least one firm conviction: “We will put pride and character and, above all, play. The team performs well both physically and externally. We have absences, but whoever plays is qualified to win the match.” In short, there seem to be the best conditions for what should be tomorrow’s game of redemption in Pergolete Square: “I believe in work and our way of doing – said Mr. Senza – if not, I would have already gone. The result is always the result of many elements, but we deserve it.” The best for who we are and how we have worked. I thank the company that has done everything in its power to put us in the best conditions. The undersigned for this command will throw himself into the fire; here I have found things I have met many times elsewhere. I regret, if there is anything, that I could not Better results so far. Then, in football, all this is not enough: tomorrow we have to win.” As for the squad, some players with some illnesses will be absent, Cristini (suspended), Rizzo (on vacation for family reasons) and Valentini (injured). The good news is Rolando is back in the team.

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