Inter Empoli 0-1, card report: Lukaku is bad, Skriniar is worse. Baldanzi lights up the San Siro

Inter Empoli 0-1, card report: Lukaku is bad, Skriniar is worse.  Baldanzi lights up the San Siro

Between Empoli 0-1
(66′ in danze)

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Inter Report Cards – Edited by Ivan Cardia

Onana 5.5 – Many saves were not impossible but useful, but Baldanzi found himself unprepared for the blade and it was a pity he weighed more than keeping Inter’s goal intact up to that point.

Screenyar 4 – Inzaghi pre-match: “I see Skriniar’s concentration”. In short: two thrillers in the space of a quarter of an hour, an early barrage at forty. If this was his last time at the San Siro as a Nerazzurri, it was a disaster.

DFrig 5.5 – Overall, it’s also the closest thing to a drag signature: only the bar says no. Before wood, he would put patches here and there. Not always in the best way, but it’s not the patcher’s fault.

wands 5 – All is relatively well (there have been some problems even before) until you get into the Tuscan crosshairs. Half a state of uncertainty and leaves the crucial space that Empoli exploits.

Darmian 6 – He does a little bit of everything and is generally the one who will keep the boat on the waterline. In both phases of the game, he keeps Parisian at bay. (From 71 Dzeko 5.5 – In one minute he does much more than Korea in 45. It is not enough to find equality, of course).

Stretcher 5.5 – He went off because he booked, performance-wise, perhaps the best of the three Nerazzurri midfielders. A kick at the substitution is the usual shot for the nervousness of a team that is not always able to respond constructively. (Out of 71 Aslani 5.5 – You need the character, he has it but doesn’t use it to the fullest).

Calhanoglu 5 – Complicated evening. Crushed by the attacking midfielders hand-picked by Zanetti, the light did not shine and Inter remained in the dark. Some nice inventions, but scattered ideas.

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Mkhitaryan 5 – More shadows than lights. Some nafas, the usual difficulty in reading the entry behind it. And with Inter V10 he gets rid of it. (from 76′ Lukaku 4.5 – We attach judgment. But he’s still a distant relative of the Serie A dominance of Conte’s era.)

Demarco 6 – The only dangers Inter face in the first half are of their own making, with a team of ten players going down like everyone else. (From 71′ Gosens 6 – He came close to the net in the final with a beautiful turn, one of the most dangerous in the sloppy climb that capped Inter’s poor evening).

Korea 4 – Fresh occasion from the beginning, the music is still the same. He’s not the worst on the field just because of other people’s shortcomings, forty-five minutes of nothing. (from 46′ Bellanova 4.5 – The man stubbornly jumps. If you succeed, that’s okay. But tonight it’s not going well and it’s slow on other options as well).

Lautaro 5 – He’ll have the ball to open the game up in the first half and send it high. He, too, was absent tonight, and he’s the kind of person you wouldn’t expect from him.

Simon Inzaghi 4.5 – Initial choices must be granted, a matter of convenience. But… Correia betrays his trust for the umpteenth time, Skriniar does worse. Since then, Inter has completely slipped away. And the latter effect is more a result of the confusion the team put on the field this evening, rather than an idea of ​​how to really find balance.

Empoli Report Cards – Edited by Lorenzo Carini

The final result: Inter Empoli 0-1

MP 6.5 – Decisive on Dimarco in the 20th minute, and in the second half he saved him from the crossbar with a header by De Vree. Almost unquestioned, he spends an evening as an unpaid spectator in the presence of one of the best teams in Serie A.

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Epiwee 5.5.1 – It gave a little freedom to an awkward client like Demarco who ended up with it, especially during the first half, losing several duels with the Nerazzurri 32. A little better on the rebound, but not enough to guarantee sufficiency.

DeWinter 6.5 – Performs many important defensive lockouts on more advanced inter references. He tries in various circumstances to pivot into the vertical position to cut through the Nerazzurri’s midfield, but his launches don’t always reach their destination.

Lupert 6.5 – Always in the right place…at the right time. He made practically no mistake: he played a luxurious game on the defensive stage, commanding the entire Tuscan rearguard.

Parisian 6 – Not much tempted in the defensive phase in his proficiency lane, he was sometimes able to attack deep without swaying in a certain way. He sacrifices himself for the cause, and is shown to have ample room for improvement.

Akba Akbaru 5 – Shy in the middle of the field in the first half of the match, he was sacrificed in the first half after the warning: Zanetti did not want to take risks in the second half, also by virtue of the numerical superiority of the “red” in Skriniar. from 46′ Haas 6.5 – “We want to show our qualities and have fun.” He said and did: he remains faithful to what he announced in the pre-match interviews, as his team got three very heavy points on a very difficult ground like the Meazza.

Henderson 5.5 Posted in the director role, he had little chance of standing out during the challenge. from 73 ‘ Satriano 6 – Owned by Inter, takes over the final match against the team he owns… and takes them out.

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Bandini 6 – Performance without shame and without praise. He successfully completed the task Zanetti gave him.

Cambiaghi 6.5 – Anything but the fear of the 65,000 Nerazzurri hearts crowding the San Siro. Play a game well above enough, even managing to get a clear goal during the first half: He’s among the best on the field. from 64 ‘ Baldanzi 7.5.1 A devastating effect: he scored two minutes after entering the field, giving Empoli a historic victory. The fourth place in his Serie A career is one of the heavy positions, and without taking anything from the three already holed opponents, it can be considered the most important of his young career.

Bajrami 6.5 Made an assist for the winning goal. When he receives the ball, he always gives the feeling that he can find the useful spark to make a positive difference. from 73 ‘ Win me 6 – In the final he was called upon to help the rest of the team contain the desperate siege of Inter in search of a draw.

Kabuto 6.5 – It is impossible to hide his importance in this Empoli. He gets many opportunities, but does not take advantage of them properly, as well as being the “protagonist” of Skriniar’s second yellow card. From 90′ Walukiewicz sv

Paul Zanetti 7 – Without the problems of classification, his “Empoli” is close to perfection for ninety minutes: many dangers created in the Onana area, only one shot directly at Vicario’s goal. A great evening and three gold points put your stay in the safe category: is it possible to dream of something more than just salvation? never say never.

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