Science Festival, Vittorio Bo: “We create perfect bridges between art and science”

Science Festival, Vittorio Bo: “We create perfect bridges between art and science”

It operates until tomorrow, Sunday, November 27 17 edition of Science Festival. The Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome is hosting this November’s edition with the theme: to explore. An edition dedicated to “the physical and mental explorations of the reality that surrounds us, and the research that has led to great scientific discoveries and changed the way we look at the world.”

A fully revived edition that deals with very hot topics such as “Pandemic, climate change and environmental crisesIt shows more clearly how necessary new looks are to the present and new visions of the future. Victor fatherThe publisher and director of the festival stated: “The return to attendance has undoubtedly recorded important numbers that are naturally increasing, since the last two days are held on weekends.”

To explore it it is not enough to simply study, but it is also necessary to know how to listen, to recognize one’s faults, to question what one takes for granted, and to be critical of one’s ideas. Only in this way can explorers be exposed to new scenarios and find new solutions to problems.

the program

Five thematic areas about The Festival: Spaces, Community, Lives, Minds and the Future.

Within these “environments” conferences and speeches by internationally renowned scholars, journalists and intellectuals follow one another. A multidisciplinary and cross-sectional approach distinguishes Rome Science Festival making it a social phenomenon highly appreciated by students but also by adult men and women.

And he tells us with particular interest in the participation of students and youth fatherThere is certainly a great desire to meet on the part of young people, but the quality of the questions they ask and the participation they give in the initiatives is a symptom of the keen interest and sincere desire to participate.

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Sunday initiatives

The program of the closing day of the festival is dense and full of meetings ranging from various disciplines. “Tomorrow, at noon, there will be a very interesting conference, halfway between science and art,” continues Poe.Samir Zaki University College London neuroscientist and founder of Neuroscience, will tell how cognitive science has made significant advances in the mechanisms involved in aesthetic experience. Let’s imagine creating a bridge between art and science “- Vittorio Bo tells us -” at 17:00 Paul Zeleny Mathematician, essayist and academic with the participation of the journalist Silvia Benciviliwill discuss the unbroken dialogue between the discrete and the continuous, which must be regarded as the inevitable prop of our reason.

Organizers and partners

Produced by Musica per Roma, co-designed by Codice Edizioni.

Promoted by Roma Capitale – Ministry of Culture and realized together with ASI – Italian Space Agency and INFN – National Institute for Nuclear Physics.

Among the many scientific partners, it is proud to have the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change, CNR – National Research Council, ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

The cultural partners are Fablab for Children, Fondazione Sylva, G.Eco, Ludo Labo, GAME Science Research Centre, Multiversi, Parallelozero, SMAILE, Technotown and Assipod – Italian Podcast Association. With the participation of the Libraries of Rome, Bioparco of Rome, Municipality II – Rome Metropolitan, Sapienza University of Rome, Lazio Region. But also with Aeroporti di Roma, Autostrade per l’Italia, ENAV, ENEL, Leonardo and sponsor Zurich. Partnership with Radio3 Scienza confirmed.

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2023 edition

Manager Bo treats us to a few young children stay tuned In the next edition, “next year we will return to April, the period that has always characterized us before the pandemic. The edition will take place from April 17 to 23 and its theme will be “fantasy.”

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