“Science + Art”: Until November 30, TLS research remains “on display” at UniSi

“Science + Art”: Until November 30, TLS research remains “on display” at UniSi

Contrasting data from the January/March 2017 quarterly report of the Siena Chamber of Commerce. Exports are growing but the banking sector is still in crisis

The Quarterly Report January/March 2017 DelRegional Economic Observatory Siena Chamber of Commerce Where the health status of the local economy is clarified and where trade associations have the opportunity to express their perceptions for the third quarter of 2017 by participating in Sentiment Analysis.

I have business relations with Outside to experience a moment of intense intensity: Exports grow 34.2% year on yearAnd Imports 10.4% and trade balance 54.3%.. Let’s talk about 397 million euros of goods exported outside national borders and 149 million euros of products / raw materials arrived in our territory. These are the products of the sector agricultural food and those Transportation (camp) to influence to a greater extent On our exports: in fact they weigh 26.8% and 27.1% respectively; An increase of 85.8% and 33.3% on a trend basis.

Employment records positive data: Increase the number of employees by 207 units Thus, it reached a number of 116996 workers. The healthiest sectors with an increase in employment are Farming (+96 units) e tourism sector (+360 units).

The first provisional data for 2016 also reached the tourism sector, indicating an increase in 2.16% of arrivals in the province of Siena, compared to 2015.

stay Critical issues in the financial sector. In fact, in the quarter under review, we record 4.2% drop in regional bank loans While bank deposits increased by 3.7%. add to this 18.6% increase in non-performing bank loans (Bank loans whose collection becomes uncertain because debtors are in bankruptcy.)

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Regarding the fabric of entrepreneurship, as of March 31, 2017, companies have been registered in the Siena Chamber of Commerce’s commercial registry Less than the permissible limit of 29,000 companies To be exact, they came to 28,741 units. The companies’ shares decreased by 236 units in absolute terms compared to the previous quarter and by 207 units compared to the previous year.

Domestic Macroeconomic Variables:


periodic change

direction difference

Registered companies



business staff


+ 0.2%



+ 102.7%


+ 9.9%

+ 34.2%

imports + 15.5%

+ 10.4%

trade balance

+ 6.8%

+ 54.3%

Tourist arrivals

+ 2.16%

Tourist presence


bank loans



bank deposit

+ 1,2%

+ 3.7%

Bad debts of the bank

+ 6,5%

+ 18.6%

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