Science and knowledge laboratories

Science and knowledge laboratories

On Sunday 10 April at Villa Caldogno Science and Knowledge Workshops

Educational activities and performances to engage children and youth in environmental issues

The long-awaited spring rendezvous with the popular review “Science and Knowledge 2022”, organized by Pro Loco Caldogno and sponsored by the municipality, is back in Caldogno. The first meeting of the year will be on Sunday, April 10: a full day with workshops and presentations dedicated to the environment and sustainability, which will engage children and young people in particular on these important issues.

Starting at 10 and throughout the afternoon The garden of Villa Caldogno and the adjoining room will therefore host many activities organized by membersLiu Science Society, since 2005 are experts in science communication and experts in edutainment methodologies with special attention to environmental issues. The labs and entertainment of Leo Scienza are suitable both for the public who wants to entertain themselves all day, and for those who can stay only for a few minutes: the experiences proposed by “crazy scientists“And discoveries, gags, games and workshops to build scientific memory; a pure ecology lab, to understand how to take care of the planet, will be organized, while sustainability origami will be built in the creative lab. The event is also guaranteed in case of bad weather, as it is hosted in the covered spaces of the Palladian complex.” If it’s a nice day, there will also be a refreshment stand with bar and Pro Loco pie, as well as the possibility to bring what is needed for a pleasant picnic in the park.

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After a day between experiences, workshops and wraps, Teatro Alambicco’s theatrical animation story “The Magic Bike” will be shown at 6pm. A fascinating story, a timeless fairy tale about the freedom, luxury and environmental sustainability of transportation of yesterday, today and tomorrow: the bicycle. Idea by Annalisa Verza, play and directed by Sara Magrin with Giulio Bingi, Luca Comastri and Sara Magrin. All initiatives are free.

Caldogno – 5 April 2022

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