Sant Fruitos de Bajes mourns the death of a 14-year-old in the Llobregat Fjord

Sant Fruitos de Bajes mourns the death of a 14-year-old in the Llobregat Fjord

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Panic in San Fruitos de Bagjes due to the death of a young man in a gorge in the municipalityPhotography: Oscar Bayona / Video: ACN

More than half a thousand people They focused on Friday evening in Saint Fruitos Town Hall Square Berries To express the pain left by the death of this population Rayan Mansouri Aya, the minor who died when he jumped into the Tres Salts Gorge, in Llobregat, this morning, from where he was unable to get out. Abu Rayyan, With an appearance of calm and calm, he commented to those gathered, accepting the circumstances, saying: “Nothing can be done” to avoid this situation and that “Every person has his own time, hour and minute.”. The mayor of the municipality, Joan Carles Batanes, expressed his condolences to the young man's family, and said that it is necessary at this time to be “by the side of the family and their friends.” They mourned the young man's death, after they had also mourned on these dates last year the death of Alex, another child under the age of 12, which also shocked the people of St. Fruito. Underwater firefighters had to work for an hour until they were able to find the body at the bottom of a five-metre-deep gorge, and it was already lifeless.


In the first rows, in front of the father, were the friends with whom the minor had gone to the valley this morning and who, between tears, hugged Rayyan's relatives. One of the young man’s relatives explained, “It was an accident at a time when he was having a good time,” addressing the newcomers, saying: “Don't worry, this is not your fault». Before the event began, a group of his friends arrived in white T-shirts bearing the young man's name Ryan, 10, the number he wore in every match for FC Fruittosink, where he played, and some hearts. Some of those present confirmed to the newspaper that he “belongs to a well-known family in the town.” On the outskirts of this group are young men with inscriptions on their faces and tears in their eyes.

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Panic in San Fruitos de Bajes due to the death of a young man in a gorge in the municipality

A group of girls who study at the same center that Ryan went to, Gerbert Durillac Secondary School, explained to Zone 7This outing was planned a week ago, to enjoy the day of stopping teaching in schools and institutes this Friday. They explained that they also wanted to go, but canceled at the last minute. Another student from the deceased's class explained while crying, “It is very common to go to the valleys to bathe and many people jump in and nothing happens at all.”

Other people, who had already left the gathering, about an hour after the action had begun, explained incomprehensibly that before Rayyan, some other young men who had accompanied him had already jumped into the valley. When he threw himself into the water, his friends saw that he did not come out. At first, according to some of those attending the minute of silence, “they thought he was joking, because he did not come out of the water to breathe air again.” Questions arose among the audience about the accuracy of the events and the final cause of death.

More than 500 people gathered in front of the city hall filled the entire square and part of the road, as local police officers controlled traffic to avoid any accidents. The minute of silence continued for a long time, and some of those present burst into tears, while others found it difficult to swallow their saliva. It was a moment of deep silence.

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