My time, your business

My time, your business

The emotional factor has historically been a burden on the workers of this country. When empathy isn't two-way, it ends up becoming abuse. It is the exact copy of any employment contract in Spain. It is not read, but taken for granted: throughout our lives we will give countless hours to our company. Mistake 1: It's not our fault. The distortion of language has created an illusory sense of belonging that contributes to dedication, devotion and effort beyond contract because our company needs it. It is such a chronic practice in our country that we have come to accept that the selfish stranger is the colleague who rebels against it instead of holding those who support it accountable. Deciding not to give time to the company we work for is not only respectful, it is advisable, and coldly, a philosophy shared by the general working population, even though we end up doing the opposite. We mask a more stifling reality in the guise of responsibility and compassion: the fear of losing our jobs is the reason behind our excessive dedication.

I imagine myself in front of a soft drinks machine, paying for it, and the machine dispenses the drink I chose after paying the specified price. It's easy, there are no surprises. It's a machine and I can't ask it to take into account my blood sugar needs or my excess thirst and give me two drinks for the price of one. If I want two, I have to pay for two. If I pay for one, I'll get one. However, in the world of work, we agree to a payment for a specific job and a specific day, but we end up offering our employer a free soft drink, because we feel that we are solely responsible for quenching their thirst.

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Reducing the working day is one of the main union demands on this day. The coalition government appears determined to reach the legal maximum of 37.5 hours per week. We are, without a doubt, facing a business model change that is having a major social impact. Downsizing entails changing the productive model towards a more efficient and fair one, and moreover aims to regulate what we already know: we need more time to live.

It is neither selfish nor irresponsible

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There is no intention to hide from the unwritten details, even if a historic agreement to reduce working hours is reached. Maybe it's time to think about the soda machine and act accordingly. They are neither selfish nor irresponsible, nor are they bad workers or poorly involved in the project. We provide the product that our company paid for, that's all. We do this to the best of our ability and professionalism. We believe and want the company we work for to be prosperous, because our economic stability and therefore part of our happiness depends on its good results.

Our lives are made of time, what we have and what we share. Our most precious thing. Let's think carefully about who we want to give to each day.

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