Sam: The worst hurricane of the year is moving east of the country

Francis Briar
TV editor and digital sites

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 1:26 pm – Hurricane Sam has become the most severe tropical storm at 250 km / h this year. Its path pushes it northwards and it affects the country’s coastline.

In short:

  • Sam is the strongest hurricane of the season;
  • Reached 250 km at steady winds;

A violent hurricane

Closer to Sam Type 5. Currently, it is in Type 4 despite losing intensity. Sam Lesser is less than 1000 kilometers from the Antilles.

Path to see

According to current estimates by the US NHC, Sam will head north and approach Bermuda. For now, it is not expected to affect the archipelago, but it will be a major hurricane even when it ends in the cold waters of the Atlantic.


Threatening beach

Sam’s path will be one to look at closely over the next few days. The storm will make landfall in the west and hit the east coast of Canada. On Sunday or Monday, Newfoundland can see some activity. Determining the strength of the wind and the intensity of the rain is yet to be determined.

2021 marked by a prosperous tropical period. In fact, the number of named storms is large enough to say that Atlantic Ocean gave the greatest potential to promote the birth of violent hurricanes.


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