Salman Rushdie’s attack on stage in New York. He was stabbed several times. Attacker arrested – world

Salman Rushdie’s attack on stage in New York.  He was stabbed several times.  Attacker arrested – world

Writer Salman Rushdie, 75 years old He was attacked today in New York while he was holding a conference. attack fell on stage Immediately after the assault, the police arrested him. Associated Press reports. New York State Police announced that Rushdie was shot in the neck with a stabbing weapon. clerk He was taken to a local hospital by helicopter after being stabbed in the neck While preparing to speak at a public event in Chautauqua, New York. In the attack, the medium was also injured but the first information indicates that it is not dangerous.

Salman Rushdie is He was taken to the operating room after being taken to the hospital and could lose one of his eyes. This was announced by Andrew Wiley, a spokesman for Rushdie. And he continued, “The news is not good – continued the writer -. Salman is connected to a ventilator, at this moment he cannot speak.” According to the BBC, the writer was hit by several bullets in the neck and chest.

Salman Rushdie attack in New York, video on social media

Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, The book was banned in Iran in 1988 as blasphemy. Ayatollah Khomeini A year after the book was published, He issued a fatwa against the Indian writer offering a $3 million reward to those who killed him. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei renewed the fatwa in 2017, and in 2019 via Twitter.

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The writer managed to get himself out of the theater at the Chautauqua . Foundation, in New York state, after he was assaulted, according to the Independent online newspaper. The Palestinian Authority stated that he was taken to the hospital for tests on his injuries. A photo taken immediately after the attack shows a security officer with his hands on Rushdie’s chest while another raises his legs in the air.

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