Sala Barcelona or Summer House of Music | Barcelona information

Sala Barcelona or Summer House of Music |  Barcelona information

Joe Twilightthe Mishima (Pictured. Photography: Javier Telles), Clara Bea…these are just some of the great musicians you’ll find this year at Montjuïc Castleturned into a kind of holiday home for small-sized rooms, came out together in the summer and programmed a series of concerts that it producedBarcelona Institute of Culture I’Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia. From August 1 to September 30, they set up six nights of music under the stars in the Castle’s Arms Courtyard.

Barcelona room It was born as a way to give oxygen to the small clubs and theaters that programmed live music in the city, whose economies were severely affected by the pandemic. But the result of the experiment was so good that it continued to be repeated. This year is the fifth edition, always offering Barcelona residents and visitors a high-quality program in the period between the first of August and the second half of September, during which the theaters are open and therefore concerts are few in the city.

True to its promise with Barcelona audiences, Sala Barcelona is programmed by the same people who program the small-scale rooms that are part of the Associació de Salas de Concert de Catalunya, including the city’s small concert halls such as the Chamber Fredonia, meteor, Taro room And the Sidecaris currently undergoing transformation.

If you have visited one of these rooms, you will already know that it is here where many concerns are raised and many of the city’s musical standards are shaped, and so their programming exudes musical wisdom. It all starts on Thursday, August 1 with Clara BeaTotally Full body tour, offering one of those concerts that is a magical and lively experience at the same time. Go buy tickets (which are definitely sold out) for this concert and the rest of the concerts that are part of the cycle. On August 9th, you will have a legend in indie, electronic and alternative music, Joe Twilightwhich recently celebrated its tenth anniversary My dance factory, a topic that is sure to resonate. Soul, hip-hop and some other rhythms are found, combined and well mixed, in the band’s songs Kitkalis (August 23), Four women have been demanding female presence (the more the better) on stage since 2016. Electronic Music Collective Tourism Office [TRIPPIN’YOU] And great representatives of the Catalan punk scene Cold breastsmoved to the Pati d’Armes del Castell Theater on August 30.

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The first days of September are usually a painful extension of August, if only because of the absolute lack of good music. Hence, a torrential rain of music lovers is expected to descend on Montjuïc Castle on September 5, when one of the most impressive line-ups, Mishimastars in the evening.

Finally, on September 13thOrchestral Spirit Society Ride, bye cycle, one Spirit party Driven by Lalo Lopez (From the Tony Manero Foundation) which brings to the stage some of the most important voices and musicians Barcelona soul scene And black music.

If you want to know where the city’s small live music venues spend their holidays, spend the summer with them Montjuïc Castle. Before that, review all the information on the website of Barcelona room And buy tickets

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