USA and Biden Move Against Arms: “Banned Assault Rifles, How Many Other Carnage Are We Prepared to Accept?”

USA and Biden Move Against Arms: “Banned Assault Rifles, How Many Other Carnage Are We Prepared to Accept?”

buffaloAnd the UvaldAnd the Tulsa And yesterday the warning in Racine: Within two weeks America found itself dealing with the victims of the massacre of innocents over firearms. So Joe Biden broke the delay and addressed the nation, hoping that Congress would listen to his plea: “We must ban assault weapons – Biden said, speaking from the White House – and if we can’t ban them, let’s raise the age to buy them, and we should tighten controls on who buys them.” . The president addressed the people’s representatives, Democrats and Republicans, asking them to take reasonable action on guns: “We have to do something this time, and it’s not about looting someone’s guns or defaming someone who legally owns guns.”

The president recalls that more than 200 mass shootings have occurred in the United States since the beginning of the year and states that guns became the leading cause of death among American children, before cancer: “The Second Amendment is not absolute — Biden says — the rights it provides are not unlimited.” Then a direct attack on existing gun industry protections: “It’s outrageous, it should end,” says the president: “It’s time for the Senate to do something about guns,” Biden adds, outlining the “subconscious” Republicans who reject in the Senate who refuse So start the discussion about the emergency.

Texas, massacre of elementary school children: 19 children and two teachers killed

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by Massimo Basile

The appeal was then also re-launched on Twitter: “In the past two decades, more school-aged children have died from firearms than police duty officers and duty military combined. Think about it. For God’s sake, how many more massacres are we willing to accept?” .


Specifically, Biden is proposing to Congress a law that raises the minimum age for purchasing firearms, from 18 to 21; A law that also requires the sector industry to limit magazine capacity, above all ruling out the possibility of a private individual purchasing automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles such as the Ar-15 also used in the Buffalo and Tulsa massacres and which are among the best-selling rifles in the United States.

The president also called for regulatory action to expand oversight of arms buyers and increase opportunities to report high-risk cases. If these steps had already been taken, Biden added, massacres in schools in Parkland, Florida, Fort Hood, Texas and Ovaldi, Texas, could have been avoided. The president added that the alert would allow the authorities to be alerted in the event that “a boy, student or patient displays violent tendencies, threatens his peers, or experiences suicidal thoughts that may endanger them or others.” He added that the controls offer a solution that “the vast majority of Americans, including the majority of gun owners, would agree to.”

In recent days, Canadian President Justin Trudeau announced a bill with more radical contents So is the ban on the sale of handguns“The fewer guns we have, the safer we are,” Trudeau said.

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