Russo-Ukrainian war, direct – Mariupol, no to surrender. USA: Putin is not progressing. Vilorossi: “On May 9, a victorious parade in the city”

Russo-Ukrainian war, direct – Mariupol, no to surrender.  USA: Putin is not progressing.  Vilorossi: “On May 9, a victorious parade in the city”

Michel: “Opinion on Ukraine in the EU by June”

“The Commission is expected to publish its opinion by the end of June” on Ukraine’s responses to survey I collected it Kyiv to nomination to A member state of the European Union. EU Council President Charles Michel said at a press conference from Kyiv. A short while ago, President Volodymyr Zelensky had defined Ukraine’s membership in the union as a “priority”.

Moscow: “Crimea and Donbass in negotiations”

“Recognition of current regional realities, including Crimea’s belonging to Russia and the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics,” remains at the center of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. This was stated by the spokesperson for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, specifying that a draft Russian agreement was presented in Kyiv on April 15, but that Ukrainian negotiators are “trying to delay the negotiation process by refusing to take a constructive approach” and “at times simply refusing to respond quickly to the proposals of the Russian side”. Interfax reports

Michel: “Sooner or later we will also hit Russian oil and gas”

Putin will not be able to destroy Ukraine’s sovereignty and even divide the European Union. I have already said: sooner or later we will also hit Russian oil and gas. We have already decided that we want to stop our dependence on Russia and we are working on it. ”The President of the Council of the European Union said that Charles Michel At a press conference from Kyiv, in response to those who asked him about the possibility of Germany stopping further energy sanctions against Moscow.

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Putin: “We will improve life in Donbas as we did in Crimea”

“I have said it from the beginning: the purpose of this operation is to help our people who live in it Donbass“. he said that Russian President Vladimir Putinquoted BBCHe reiterated his belief that Russia will achieve its military objectives in eastern Ukraine. “We will act constantly and make sure that life gradually returns to normal and changes for the better, just as it happened to you, in your life in SevastopolAddressing a girl from Crimea during an event on promoting Russia, the Kremlin leader added.

Michel: “We want Kyiv to win”

We want Ukraine to win and we are determined to do everything to support Kyiv. We will be on Ukraine’s side in the reconstruction process. The President of the Council of the European Union said that Charles Michel At a press conference from Kyiv. We fight for the founding values ​​of the European Union and for democracy. It would also be important to collect evidence “of the crimes committed,” he added.

Zelensky: “EU bans Russian oil or absurd measures”

We ask Europe Including the oil embargo In the sixth package of sanctions, otherwise it will be an empty measure.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky During the press conference with the President of the European Council Charles Michel. “We are grateful to the European Union for the five sanctions packages that have already been approved, but in our opinion they are not enough to sign Vladimir Putin’s war financing,” Zelensky added, explaining that gas would also have to be punished at some point.

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Putin: “Action in the World Trade Organization against illegal sanctions”

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin The government has ordered the preparation of a “strategy” by June 1 flies And it will respond within the WTO to Western sanctions, which it considers “illegal” and “contrary to WTO principles”. Russian agencies report this.

Moscow tests the new Sarmat missile

Russia today said it has successfully tested a new ICBM SarmatCapable, according to the Defense Ministry, “to penetrate any existing or future missile defense system.” president Russian President Vladimir Putin He said the new missile would give Russia security guarantees “against current threats” and “make those who threaten Russia think”. Launched from base Plesetsk800 km north fliesThe missile flew over a large part of the vast Russian territory To reach the Kura rangein the Kamchatka region, infar East. Putin, congratulating the armed forces, said that “this weapon will not have a counterpart in the world for a long time,” according to reports from TASS.

Israel ready to host Putin-Zelensky talks

Israel Confirms her desire to host a meeting between put it in And Zelensky: This was stated by the Israeli ambassador to Russia. Alexander Ben-Zviin an interview with tax “Sure, the ambassador replied to whoever asks him if the hypothesis is still on the ground, but it is Putin and Zelensky who “have to make this decision.” Therefore, Israel declares its readiness to play the role of a guarantor of security, provided that the request is expressed by both parties. “this is important. A request that comes only from one side – the ambassador emphasized – will not be enough. Both sides should be ready for a similar step.” Zvi added that among the points on which it would be necessary to reach an agreement were “a ceasefire and regional issues. “Only at a later time will it be possible to discuss guarantees,” he concluded.

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