Russian media: “Putin submits to the eleventh comrade.” But for propaganda, Beijing’s “followers” are better than the US’s

Russian media: “Putin submits to the eleventh comrade.”  But for propaganda, Beijing’s “followers” are better than the US’s

Wednesday The Chinese president’s three-day visit has ended RussiaAnd then Xi Jinping And Vladimir put it in They signed dozens of non-binding memorandums of intent and approved a Chinese peace plan in Ukraine, which, however, does not provide anything specific. It seems to be a meeting something with put it in It had no real (at least public) results, while it caused a wide resonance in Russian society and had great symbolic significance.

State media have closely followed the Chinese president’s every move on Russian soil in an attempt to outdo each other in ascertaining how “the most dangerous visit of the year is for her”. the WestIt is important. Pro-government journalists and experts unanimously said the friendship between the two villages It is “stronger than ever” identifying the alliance between China And Russia “Union of blood”. Each time that was confirmed United State They are not satisfied with it visiting while the Europeans They were overcome with amazement and hysteria. RussiaIt has real foundations.

Even if the visit something It was discussed even before the war started, and it so happened that the Chinese leader came up He flies a few days after that International Criminal Court He issued an arrest warrant Russian President Vladimir Putinwhich indicates that China He won’t turn his back Russia Despite the West’s desire to isolate it. to me Russia, This symbolism was the main outcome of the meeting. Besides confirming it Beijing Did not give up He fliesAnd put it in It managed to send an important message to both external and internal audiences, which is to approach the “aura of legitimacy” of the Chinese leader, in the words of the sinologist. Alexey Chigadayev. Now that the Russian president has kept company with other controversial heads of state, like the self-declared Belarusian president Alexander LukashenkoIts reputation is enhanced by public contact with a recognized global leader.

However, the core of the relationship between the two bosses Apparently, no one missed it: today Russia needs the China much more than China you need to Russia. This applies to any industry sale to Natural Resources for technology exchange and military support. The war with Ukraine is already contributing to the “soft colonization” of the country by its neighbor, and Bayan put it in As a war criminal, he only strengthened the subordinate position of Russia. there China can benefit from weakening He flies To further reinforce this dependency, while not offering much help and not making any specific promises.

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According to the Russian political scientist Vladimir Pastukhova senior fellow at University College London, said the political decision that from now on Russia “will remain the same”. a partner small China (as well as India and Turkey) “in the Kremlin. But while propagandists and pro-government “patriots” are trying to prove that the meeting between them Xi Jinping And Russian President Vladimir Putin “It is also necessary for both,” from the far left as well as the far right, one feels dissatisfied with the fact that Russia became affiliated with China.

Of the liberal opposition, they sneer that “the emperor has come to inspect his northern province” and that preachers “They don’t lick the shoes of the new Chinese masters enough.” TV channel dozd At his service calls put it in “Comrade Xi’s topic,” while reporters Medusa They noted a “vivid sense of paternalism” permeating all contacts between the Chinese president and the Russian authorities. Experts remember the meeting, even the ceremonial one, which took place 73 years ago Joseph Stalin And Mao Zedong to He flies. That was the time Stalin to talk with Mao (which was a rather humiliating encounter) from the position of “Big Brother”. today something Apparently he came to “slap back” from the “big brother”, H.M put it in He had no choice but to overtly reform the situation Russia As the “junior partner” of China.

But the most colorful and frequently used historical parallel was the famous one Garlick (Decrees) received by princes in ancient Russia conquerors Mongols to control a territory. In the XIII-XV centuries, during the Mongol-Tatar yoke, whoever wanted to rule in one or another part of Russia You must go from Khan affiliateGolden Horde and obtain his written permission. So, the world of politics Ivan Preobrazhensky in an article about Deutsche Welle directly states that “Xi Jinping give to put it in A clown to rule” — and unexpectedly there are those on the other side of the political spectrum who agree with him. Pro-government propaganda Dmitry Olshansky He writes: Thank God, “now more useful In order for us to have a khan in the Horde, the Pope and the knights hung him around his neck, ”referring to the imposed ideology from the West. Following this unexpected reasoning, some Turbo Patriots They even came to the thesis that ” Russia In the 21st century you should be affiliated with Chinajust don’t from America. Since Russia, “tired” and “surrounded by enemies,” according to their admission, is no longer “a completely independent country, a great empire,” it is necessary to rely on someone and make friends against others.

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also Pastukhov Consistent with the original thesis: “The Russia As a sovereign state it can only exist by maneuvering between them the West And Guidance. After this war began, put it in He upset the geopolitical balance and therefore left Russia Virtually defenseless against soft expansion China Calculated for decades. ” However, for supporters of the authorities, this position seems inconsistent, because they continue to explain how it would be convenient for supporters of the authorities. Russia become a satellite of China, straight from the promises of the great “Russian world”. The reason is that Chinaafter its policy of No interference In the internal affairs of its trading partners, it will not be interested in influencing Russian ideology and its established system of power; It will not criticize corruption and human rights abuses or seek to introduce “malignant” Western values ​​such as feminism and LGBT.

addiction China So it does not create major problems. “there China, unlikeAmericaclaims us resourcesbut not our identity Olshansky. The orthodox nationalist and RT columnist echoes it Yegor Kholmogorov: “If aliens invaded us and were ready to wipe us out United States of America and the childI would be happy to ship them a million wagonloads of oil, or whatever they need, for free.” Examining those arguments, the opposition political researcher Abbas Jalimov He notes that “a true Russian patriot will always find someone to put himself to shame.”

Meanwhile, this week it was revealed that Russian Central Bank He wants to teach himself employees Chinese language as well Russia He will begin to settle scores with AsiaAfrica and latin america in yuan. growth to yuan In foreign trade, already in 2023 the share of this currency in the National Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation can be brought to 60%. In connection with all this, for many, a legitimate question arises: whether China can become for Russia Big brother, like Russia It has become for Belarus. world of politics Ekaterina Schulman He believes this is unlikely: if the Russian system begins to fall, it hardly will China She will be interested in helping him on the way put it in He sought to keep the Belarusian president in power in 2020. Lukashenko It was helped because it was felt that whatever regime came to replace it was no longer needed Russia.

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“in order to ChinaI don’t think that logic can work. Why do they do this, if they are no worse in agreement with the next order that will be established in this region? ” He says Shulman. “Correctly, if the current regime lasts another 10-15 years and during this time becomes completely dependent on China, like north koreaSo yes, any overthrow of this system will be considered harm to Chinese propertyAs feared Igor Strelkovthe former Minister of Defense in Donetsk People’s Republic And the old critic of the regime, with such a development of events, the Russian authorities “will certainly be interested in any thought processes and simply and stupidly carry out the orders of the” Beijing Regional Committee “.

It’s not the first time they met Parallels With the communist past, and to tell the truth, they suggest themselves. Thus, following the protocol, before visiting A.J He flies Xi Jinping and Putin They exchanged articles on bilateral relations. Article written by something With his picture and title «to continue to insist on new horizons friendshipcooperation and common development China And Russiaappeared on the first page of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, an official government newspaper. Article written by Russian President Vladimir Putinwho also wrote in the best imitation of Soviet rhetoric (“Russia and China: A Partnership Looking to the Future”), published by the newspaper Chinese Communist Party Renmin Ribao On the third page without pictures. But the most impressive return to the Soviet past was the transfer, on the occasion of the visit of the Chinese leader, proverbs about Xi Jinping on Federal TV Russia 24. Just like the quotes from the Great Helmsman Mao, which circulated widely in the USSR in the 1950s, Russians were presented with the stinging remarks of something Such, for example, “firm ideals and convictions arise from a solid ideological dogma.” As far as we know, none of the Chinese channels broadcast the philosophical quotations of put it in.

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