Russia can move nuclear weapons “near the US coast.” New York Times warning

Russia can move nuclear weapons “near the US coast.”  New York Times warning

Echo of a Cold War. To put it bluntly, the Kremlin’s talks last week revealed that Russia The West is in “opposite position” and Moscow seems poised to deploy its nuclear weapons far from the US coast, thus evoking a scene reminiscent of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. If Vladimir Putin’s desired demands and promises on Ukraine were not satisfied, they were broadcast by Russian officials on the sidelines of talks between Moscow and the West.

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Russia’s moves

“Some Russian officials have suggested that Moscow’s security interests could be pursued in different ways”: “There are indications that nuclear weapons may be moving, not explicitly,” says NYT, “this approach would have been.” Putin threatened an unexpected response if the West crossed the “red line” such as placing NATO on its doorstep. In fact, last November, Putin suggested that Russia could deploy hypersonic submarine-launched missiles at a range that could strike Washington. Tsar has repeatedly stressed that Western military expansion into Ukraine poses an unacceptable risk because it could be used to carry out nuclear strikes against Moscow with a few minutes’ warning. Russia, the Kremlin leader has warned, could have done the same.

How much will the summit / Russia-Ukraine tensions with the US cost the EU?

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However, beyond the threats, tensions are rising on the border with Ukraine. CNN spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, recent talks with Western nations fearing Russian invasion at EU gates – New York Times – The. The Biden administration is ready to respond by supporting any Ukrainian uprising. Russia and the West are in “completely different positions. This is not good, this is worrying and dangerous,” Peskov declared, “demanding very specific responses to our very specific plans.” As if that were not enough, Ukraine has said it has “evidence” of Russia’s involvement in a serious cyber attack targeting several government bases in the country in recent days. “To date, all evidence indicates that Russia is behind the cyber attack,” the Kiev Digital Transformation Department said in a statement. “Moscow is continuing a hybrid war,” he added.

Diplomacy in the Mission / US-Russia Dialogue and the Role of Italy

Peskov – again speaking to CNN – dismissed the allegations: “Ukrainians blame Russia for everything, including bad weather”. However, some analysts fear that the cyber attack could be a precursor to a military attack. Washington also accused Russia of sending explosives-trained saboteurs to stage an incident that could be used as an excuse to invade Ukraine. The United States will decide later this week on a tug-of-war with Russia, while maintaining serious diplomatic relations with European allies aimed at safeguarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Today, Secretary of State Blingen spoke with Frenchman Le Trian.

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