De Donna: On Ukraine’s responsibility to the United States and the West, Mattarella takes care of environmental failure

De Donna: On Ukraine’s responsibility to the United States and the West, Mattarella takes care of environmental failure

the noonApril 17, 2022 – 18:12

The President of the Bishops’ Conference in Campania in his Homily in Asra: In this Night of Reason there is an attacker and an aggressor, but we cannot hide what creates the conflict. Then he turns to the next head of state

from Gaetano Fioretti

In the night of reason we experience, we keep the light of faith burning. So Monsignor Antonio de Dona, Bishop of Asira and President of the Episcopal Conference in Campania during the celebration of the traditional Easter Mass in the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the Basilica of Asira and the cathedral of the city. In his homily, the bishop recalled the times of profound uncertainty we go through, from the attack on the Twin Towers in 2000 to the 2008 financial crisis to the pandemic and war in Ukraine today.

real responsibilities

Monsignor de Donna said that we live in a society so precarious that it takes very little to detonate – Senses speaks of an irrational society. This wave of irrationality manifests itself above all in this war. The bishop of captivity, speaking of reason in the night, defined the war between Russia and Ukraine as unacceptable and also irrational to individual thought and to flatten the attitudes that are created around it. Woe to those who offer different and alternative explanations for this war. Keep in mind that there can be no doubt about the responsibilities, there is an aggressor and an attacker, but we cannot hide the responsibilities of the West, Europe and the USA, the real hero, besides Russia, of this conflict has a thunder.

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The risk of a global conflict

Words that shock the hearts of believers who witness shock to the strong flex their muscles while the poor die. Monsignor de Donna coined the words of Pope Francis, emphasizing firmly that the time has come to abolish war and wipe it out of humanity before it is war that abolishes humanity. It would be pointless to put a flag on the ruins, it would be a costly victory for the President of the Episcopal Conference in Campania who sadly recalls the wars that are still going on and about which no one talks, wondering if the war in Ukraine is worth the importance only because it concerns Europe and denouncing the “escalation of the arms race” Which we are seeing with the increase in military spending by some countries.” The tones are heartbreaking and escalating may lead to global conflict. Here in Italy, there are three NATO bases, and surely there will already be guided missiles – as Monsignor de Donna said – we hope the worst never materializes but a clear danger.

Environmental awareness, the arrival of Mattarella

He urged the Bishop of Acerra to listen to the pope’s voice, remembering how precious, also in light of the errors of the past, the advice of those who turn to the world by appealing to reason even before faith. Then he came back to talk about the environmental problem and how hard it is to listen in a context where there seems to be no political will to change the law to free up areas like Acerra from companies that have a significant environmental impact. I have written several letters to raise the tragedy of environmental pollution by pleading in various locations. I was neither heard nor received any response from the district authorities. Only de Dona said the Director of the Campania Region Services Conference responded in an apparently provocative manner. Undoubtedly, a commitment to the environment is the new front of resistance, as Bishop de Dona stated in Asira, environmental sensitivity is increasing for this reason we must not cling to superficial optimism or abandon ourselves to capitulation and pessimism. Knowing that President Mattarella would be coming here next Monday (April 25, editor), I wrote him a letter – de Dona added -. I asked him to include his commitment to the environment in his speech at Asira, because today the new front of resistance is the new battle front.

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April 17, 2022 | 18:12

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