Rise of new cases in Italy, France, Great Britain and the United States

Italy, USA, France and Great Britain. Today, all four countries have a complete record of epidemics since the onset of the disease. In Italy 78,313 were found to be positive England 117.093, in France 179,807 and in United States 512.533.

In United States According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, the total number of people infected with the virus has risen to 52,794,834, and the total number of deaths from covid disease to 818,371. There is a slight decline of 5% in the weekly average of covit deaths. There Different Omigron, For the week ending December 25, it was 59% of new corona virus cases, up from 23% in the previous week. This is according to government data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The rapid spread of Omigran has left thousands of people homeless FortyThe United States has decided to halve the isolation period for asymptomatic sufferers from 10 to 5 days and to eliminate those who have a positive relationship with the third dose vaccine. The move will reduce the inconvenience caused by staff shortages in many sectors due to the increase in infections, as thousands of planes have been grounded since the Christmas weekend, and some experts have criticized the lack of mandatory testing. Although eventually isolated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention justified this decision, saying most infections occur two days before symptoms appear and two days after.

Cases from the United States are skyrocketingEurope. The Denmark With 1,612 cases per 100,000 people, it becomes the country with the highest incidence rate in the world. Spain Record numbers: 214,619 new cases and 120 deaths since Thursday, the highest incidence since the outbreak (1,206 new cases per 100,000 people in 14 days).

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New post too United Kingdom: 129,471 infections and 18 deaths reported in a single day (Scotland and Northern Ireland not included in this figure). England 117,093 cases have been registered). And inside France, 179,807 infections have been reported in the last 24 hours, while 242 deaths have been reported.

Meanwhile The Finland This will be unlimited for foreign tourists who are not vaccinated. The country of lakes in the EU has taken the first step to create debate in the corridors of European institutions by choosing a complete ban on the entry of immunized or cured non-resident citizens. In general, this is a black Mars for Europe in the war against the corona virus. Omigron is ubiquitous.

The new variant, after Denmark and Portugal, dominates Netherlands And inside Swiss. The Scandinavia It is one of the European regions facing the most rapid increase in epidemics. And this Denmark With 1,612 cases per 100,000 people, it has the highest Govt-19 infection rate in the world. The Guardian reports that the country of 5.8 million people yesterday set a new record for daily infections, with for the first time in 24 hours more than 15,000 (exactly 16,164) being the primary variant of Omigran, although the percentage of tampons per citizen is still very high. According to official data from the AFP, in the past seven days, all five countries with the highest incidence have been European.

The Germany, The so-called locking of non-vaccinated people is currently in practice, Belgium It records a moderate but steady decline in infections and theaters and theaters will reopen in the next few hours, thanks to a state council ruling that overturned a state decree on December 22nd.

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Record infections as well Spain. Updating the Govt-19 data after a four-day break, the country’s health authorities have registered 214,619 new cases and 120 deaths since Monday evening. The event has risen to 1,206 new cases per 100 thousand people in 14 days, an unprecedented time: at the peak of the epidemics in January, when the virus was the largest outbreak in Spain so far, the number was 900. 100 thousand people. The rapid spread of infections is largely due to the Omigran variant, which scientists say is spreading faster than previous variants, although the number of infected patients to be hospitalized is proportionally lower than previous waves. According to official data, 7.5% of hospital beds and 18% of intensive care units in Spain are occupied by Covit-19 patients.

Inside meanwhile China In the city of Sion, where 13 million people are housed in Lockdown, 175 new Covid-19 cases have been reported, more than in previous days, an epidemic that officials blamed for the delta variation.

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