Right-left collusion in Putin’s American fans. The Jeffrey Sachs case

Right-left collusion in Putin’s American fans.  The Jeffrey Sachs case

Suicide attempt in the Republic? The new collaborator, an economist whose value does not make sense to argue (his biography speaks volumes), still writes about NATO expansion and does not praise China. There is an interesting chronological correspondence with Khamenei’s words about women

Odyssey of our envoy. Repubblica on Tuesday had a page that makes readers jump, they say. It’s signed by Jeffrey Sachs, from Brazil, and with a title dedicated to Amazon – the temptation I read it for. Indeed, he announced the start of his collaboration with the paper with a subject index and tone that made it more like a new editor’s program than a column’s debut. “We are witnessing an amazing convergence of global change, disruption, and risk. The solutions lie in understanding, collaboration, and problem-solving. A better understanding of the new world economy will be the focus of this section in the coming months.” It is rather unusual, but it can happen, I don’t know, for a publisher to go to dinner with a famous economist, who has been diligently consulted by his journal, and defend his writings. and more, if writing helps, in troubled times, as in the first title, A.J Throw it at ecology – “Even at the cost of secession from NATO?” , “Well, maybe we’ll see then.”

But Sachs, in keeping with his style, has been careful not to soften the edges of his position in the world in general and in Ukraine in particular, the two issues on which he stands at opposite ends of the paper’s line. Actually, face them. For example: In an interview with Fubini for Corriere at the beginning of last May, he said, “We are in the midst of a proxy war between two expansionist powers: Russia and the United States.” Even here This equal air goes to hell: “It was the US attempt to expand NATO into Georgia and Ukraine that sparked the wars in Georgia (in 2010) and in Ukraine (from 2014 to today).” Equally charismatic, his rhetoric on the new, multipolar state of the Earth translates into a friendly appreciation for China: “…but the reality is different. China is an ancient civilization with a population of 1.4 billion (about one in five in the world is Chinese) aiming for levels high living and technological excellence.” and so on. I’m not going to argue with Sachs’ value: any normal person gets crushed under the weight of his resume. (Read it on the infinite English Wikipedia: the Italian version, meticulously, dashingly, dry as an obituary). Sachs’ “left” leanings And its coincidence with certain far-right landings has been a topic for a long time Somewhat more diverse and surprising. Just in the past few days those of Hyal Winter In Haaretz (“Eminent American Scientists Against Aid to Ukraine: When Smart People Take Stupid, Immoral Stands,” the names are those of Sachs, John Mearsheimer, and Stephen Walt), by Slavoj Žižek (To Vazha Tavberidze for Radio Liberty, “Degeneration must begin at home, in Russia,” Compare Chomsky and Sachs And deeply regrets that Napoleon did not win the Russian campaign), from The Wall Street Journal (Adrian Karatnicki, “Putin’s American fans — fans — are here, with Sachs, Mark Episcopus, and Dmitry Sims, persevering guests and applauding Vladimir Solovyov’s obnoxious Russian show). And so on.

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I was interested in the coincidence of time between (attempted) Repubblica’s suicide, referred to in the first and committed on page 4, with Social warnings of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei On the state of slavery and exploitation of women in the West, and the greed of her men and those who abuse her. Western women have been severely harassed in the past year, and despite everything, these countries say they support them and their rights. When they talk about women’s freedom, they mean this freedom. No, it is not freedom, it is rather slavery, anger. Unfortunately, it took us a long time to understand that. It became clear to us only after the Islamic Revolution. Previously, even influential people in Iran said that unlimited free relations between men and women in the West satisfy men and prevent sexual abuse. They said that when men feel sexual satisfaction, they do not commit such crimes. But do you think Western men are satisfied? Or does it seem to you that they have become a hundred times more greedy? ”

When one becomes astonished or dismayed by the collusion between the Left and the Right on the subject of democracy and liberty, by their prejudice, by the unprecedented limit between their formal proclamation and the substantive condition, one is not content with the convergence of their ideological views and their original sources. Scratching under the skin of sexual activity. Below Khamenei, Kirill and some Western harassers gasp: And to make them work in peace, the prophets of the multipolar status quo, the state of tolerance. “We have already entered a multipolar world, where each region has its own problems and its own role in world politics.” Let each one mistreat his wives, children, and whims in his own way.

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