Fiat Pulse is the best-selling SUV in Brazil as of April 2022

Fiat Pulse is the best-selling SUV in Brazil as of April 2022

The much-talked-about compact SUV, Fiat Pulse, marketed by Stellantis in the South American market, in the just-ended month of April Leader in its part. For the first time it took the top of the rating of the most popular and best-selling SUV in the country.

Excellent result. Car release dates back to October 2021 Since then, April has been the most successful month. Compact SUVs have already achieved Best results so far, and positions itself at the top of the market segment in Brazil. He took first place successfully and proudly – for the first time – with the car of the Italian company. It must be said, in fact, that in this country, before the arrival of the Pulse, Fiat had already launched other models of SUVs that were very interesting and appreciated by customers. That is why the success of the newcomer was not immediate, but today it has a higher value.

Fiat Pulse is a class leader in Brazil

The best SUV in the country, bestseller. For a few days it was assumed that Pulse could achieve this result, and all partial sales ratings said so. The new compact SUV launched last October has stunned Brazil, He was always in the lead, moreover, he had a clear advantage over other competing vehicles. Total registrations for a Fiat Pulse in Brazil in April 2022 5,522. Thanks to these numbers, it is not only the best-selling SUV, but also took the fourth place among the best-selling cars, in the overall standings.

An excellent result allows the car to gain a market share – in its segment – of 11.2%. Obviously, this is only the first step of an upward journey (hopefully) for Fiat. In fact, the Turin-based company expects things to go even better in the coming months. The latest SUV launched by Fiat in Latin America, by the end of the year, It will also arrive in Brazil in its Abarth editionWith all the unique features and amazing performances that have always distinguished Scorpio models.

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April 2022, the success of the Fiat Pulse: it is the best-selling SUV in Brazil

The winning features of the SUV

Fiat Pulse has started to adopt The new 1.0 Turbo 200 Flex engine, That puts out 130 hp (on ethanol) or 125 hp (on gasoline). The car is appreciated by customers for its modern style, has a very pleasant exterior, and is very similar to a model intended for the whole world, and not only for the South American market. Take inspiration from The famous Fiat ArgoEven if it has its own shape and design. The Fiat Pulse is an SUV full of stylistic ideas that make it unique and innovative.

It is 4.10 meters long, 1.78 meters wide and 1.58 meters high, with a step height of 2.53 meters. Added inside Turin’s house The latest generation of technological elements, 10.1-inch screen for infotainment and wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Fiat Connect Me allows the driver to remotely manage various functions using a smartphone or smartwatch.

The most important new is the engine, as we have said, a three-cylinder multi-turbo gasoline engine with an aluminum block that can be fed with fuel, in addition to gasoline, also with ethanol. It has a CVT automatic transmission with 7 virtual gears adjustable to Normal, Manual and Sport modes with paddles on the steering wheel. Fiat SUV price list Pulse in Brazil starts at 79,990 OMR, which today corresponds to 12,316 euros.

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