Xbox and Meta are collaborating on a new Quest headset

Xbox and Meta are collaborating on a new Quest headset

half announced its collaboration with Microsoft to create a New Quest headset “Inspired by X-Box“: It could be a branded version of Meta Quest 3 or a new device that has not yet been announced.

In both cases the viewer will be equipped with Xbox controllers Above all, he will support Xbox Game Pass To ensure that users quickly access the large library of games included in the catalog of subscription services.

It was also confirmed a while ago by Phil Spencer, for the Xbox Series What exactly will it consist of?Hopefully it's not just a rehashing of Task 3.

Mark Zuckerberg sayings

“We're teaming up with Microsoft once again to create a limited edition Xbox-inspired release,” Meta said in a press release. This process is part of a strategy to open up the Quest VR operating system to third-party hardware manufacturers.

Moreover, in the Instagram post that you find above, Mark Zuckerberg said that the headset in question is “equipped with the Xbox controller and Game Pass, so you can start playing instantly on a big screen no matter where you are.”

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