December 6, 2022

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Return to Monkey Island is Game of the Month for September 2022

Return to Monkey Island was the winner in the inaugural polls and polls, taking the title of the game in September 2022.

The end of summer and the beginning of fall led to a very intense month from the point of view of video game releases, but the election of Game of the month for September 2022 He gave one fairly clear result, both with regard to the editorial staff and the readers of Back to Monkey Island. It could not be otherwise, in fact: we are not talking here of a late remake or restoration of the series entrusted to some unknown, but the real sequel to Monkey Island by the same authors of the two original chapters, and thus practically the event that was foreseen thirty years ago, which It automatically makes it the game of the month and even more if you’ve been a player for quite some time now.

It cannot be said that there was no competition, and on the other hand, it is possible that not everyone is interested in a really old point and click graphic adventure (although this may be a kind of sacrilege), so the result is not entirely clear since there is Really high-profile games of the month, but we’re happy to see the new work of Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman conquering everyone, after being elected as the most anticipated game of September.

In any case, it has already been a very rich month, which once again shows how the market is definitely in a lively position, despite the chaos of delays and organizing the work isn’t quite over yet. Between historical returns, luxurious simulations, important sequels, and excellent indie games, let’s see how this election went for the just-ended game of the month.

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Editorial board selection

Splatoon 3 is among the most popular games in September 2022

internal vote for . Editors It came back with an overwhelming score, with Return to Monkey Island being considered the Game of the Month for September 2022 with a significant difference from the other competitors. The points-based voting system has also allowed other games to garner some acclaim, but if it was one option, the game from LucasFilm Games and Devolver Digital likely left anyone else out of the trend. Guybrush Threepwood’s new graphic adventure brings to screens a little more than we’ve been waiting for years and maybe more, on the narrative front, even if the puzzles look a little less luminous than those at the time, or simply more. The impact of this game is likely to be minimal now. One way or another, we are all completely satisfied with the new work of Ron Gilbert and his co-workers, which easily won the title of the month.

To find the runner-up, you have to go down quite a bit in terms of score: with a massive gap, we find Splatoon 3 in second place, confirming the passion of most of the editorial team for the Nintendo series. The new chapter of the world’s most colorful shooting game is a linear development of the previous chapters, so the quality is ensured by the already excellent built-in base and the results can only be positive.

On the basis, the full version is finally available
On the basis, the full version is finally available

The third is more complex to manage: it’s practically far from the second, just to show how the first took up practically any space for the others, but it offers three games on equal merit: Gerda: A Flame in Winter and The Last of Us Part One. The first is Obsidian’s excellent survival experience, which has finally appeared as a full-fledged and fantastic game, the second is an adventure with a historical framework that tells about the Nazi occupation in Denmark and its consequences for the population, and the third is the well-known remake of the famous Naughty Dog game, all set in the third from the platform.

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Readers’ Choice

Return to Monkey Island is Game of the Month for September 2022
Return to Monkey Island is Game of the Month for September 2022

also from vote Posted on Readers September’s game is clearly a return to Monkey Island, albeit with a less superior advantage compared to what was seen in the editorial vote. The new graphical pirate adventure still gets nearly double the runner-up votes, indicating how widely the game was appreciated by the site’s audience, who nonetheless expressed more widespread preferences toward other titles. One of those is The Last of Us Part I, which hits second place here with a good percentage of favours, suggesting that the remaster is still well received by readers, despite the controversies that have accompanied this project since its ‘advertisement’, being a modern game. Relatively and perhaps less need for such treatment (and at such a price).

In any case, the title of Naughty Dog conquers the second place and underscores how the series has always been especially loved. In third place is Grounded, Obsidian’s small passion project that has become a true survival, complete in all its parts and well organized, and also clearly appreciated by readers.

The Last of Us Part I is among the best games of September
The Last of Us Part I is among the best games of September

In this case, Splatoon 3 fails to make it to the podium and should be satisfied with the fourth place, yet it is always present among the top titles of the month and still on the horizon is another of the many Nintendo-exclusive games for its console. Below that, the votes then spread to a slew of titles, among which we point to Soulstice and Metal: Hellsinger that got something more than the others.