June 7, 2023

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Research, Oreal rewards women scientists: €120,000 for under 35

L’Oréal Italia announces the opening of entries for the 21st edition of the “L’Oréal Italia Prize for Women and Science”. Interested researchers will be able to apply through the website http: //www.forwomeninscience.com /by January 27, 2023. After that, the system will not allow you to enter and register for the call for applications. The programme, promoted in collaboration with the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, has been rewarded in its 21-year history. 106 researchersAnd support their research projects and studies in our country. I you scholarships who will be appointed The value of each is 20,000 eurosIn the fields of life sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and technology. The nominated projects will be examined by the award jury, made up of a panel of 11 Italian university professors and scientific experts, including the president Lucia Futano, Research director emeritus at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Emmanuel JulienPresident and CEO of L’Oréal Italia, comments as follows: “The L’Oréal-Unesco Prize ‘For Women and Science’ reaches its 21st edition this year and thus asserts itself as one of the group’s most coherent initiatives in Italy. In 2002, Being among the first countries to launch a national version of this program for women researchers was a real source of pride for us.To date, we have awarded 106 deserving Italian women scientists and we are honored to be able to contribute our prize to bridging the gender gap that unfortunately still exists in scientific disciplines.We look forward to Receiving nominations again this year from the brilliant minds who will help shape the future of scientific advancement.”

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