Research does not belong only to science

Research does not belong only to science

L’Aquila – Walking through the terraces Univaq Street Science and SharperIt was immediately clear that the research belonged not only to the world of science, but to many other, even unimaginable, worlds.

Theater, for example, or archaeology. Or waste.

Wherever there is study, in-depth analysis, method, and methodology, there lies research. This justifies the existence of many activities that apparently have little in common with science and technology, but are instead closely related to the common thread of research.

Let’s see some of them

Also look into recycling. In fact, the circular economy model envisions that secondary raw materials from waste processing can be extrapolated to be able to produce energy, for example, or new things, or new paper.

In this area, research teaches us that waste is in fact a resource, and obliges us, through the daily work of companies like Asm, to separate household waste so that it is not only a problem for the environment, but can also be used. For new purposes.

Archeology asm recycling research medium

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