Repsol wants the Tarragona complex to be among the most advanced in the world All 21

Repsol wants the Tarragona complex to be among the most advanced in the world All 21

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Repsol Apply to him today Strategic update 2024-2027. In this plan, the company sets its priorities for the next four years to enhance its profitable growth, strengthen its commitment to multi-energy and achieve its decarbonization goals for 2027 and 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

One of the keys to strategy Decarbonization of Repsol It is the development of the company's industrial complexes in multi-energy powders. These assets ensure energy supply and support the maintenance of more than 5,000 direct company jobs in the Iberian Peninsula.

In this sense, Repsol expects net investments in the industrial business of between 5,500 and 6,800 million euros between 2024 and 2027 to keep these facilities at the forefront and develop low-emission products, such as renewable fuels, renewable hydrogen and biomethane. Investments in low-carbon initiatives are conditional on the development of the regulatory and financial framework in Spain.


the Tarragona Industrial Park, Repsol He said in a statement that it will enhance its competitiveness to keep its facilities “among the most advanced in the world” and create new low-carbon initiatives, “giving them the necessary scale and ensuring that they are compatible with investment in the regulatory environment.” .

The company emphasizes that projects aimed at developing new low-carbon initiatives are conditional on the development of the regulatory and financial framework in Spain.

Among these projects, the possibility of having one is being analyzed Renewable fuel plantafter converting one of the units of the industrial complex to produce this fuel and other carbon-neutral products, repeating the model that the company has already started in Portolano, where it will have another renewable fuel plant in 2025.

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In addition, throughout this month, Repsol The first one will start Spain's advanced biofuel production plant in Cartagenafrom recycled raw materials, with a production capacity of 250 thousand tons of renewable fuel, which will avoid 900 thousand tons of CO2 Per year, that is equivalent to putting 400,000 people on the roads Electric carthe current fleet of electric cars in Spain.

Muriel Ecoplant

Among other projects included in the plan is Ecoplanta del Morell, the first facility in the Iberian Peninsula capable of converting non-recyclable urban solid waste and producing new materials and advanced biofuels.

The plant will have the capacity to convert more than 350,000 tons of annual waste to produce 240,000 tons of waste. Methanol Which can be used to make low-carbon fuels and chemicals. Due to its innovative character, and given the great potential that this decarbonisation and recycling route offers in the EU, Ecoplanta is one of the projects selected by the European Commission to receive financial support within the Innovation Fund programme.

to'Renewable hydrogen It is another important vector for decarbonisation of industrial complexes. Repsol, the largest producer and consumer of hydrogen in the Iberian Peninsula, plans to install electrolyzers in its six industrial centers in Spain and Portugal. a Tarragonaplans to launch a Electrolyzer 150 MW to produce hydrogen, in 2027, which will be used as a raw material to produce renewable fuels and other carbon-free products.

This new factory, announced in 2022, will be the largest to be launched in Spain and will be located near the industrial park. It will involve investing more than 300 million euros and creating about 2,000 job opportunities in various stages of construction and operation.

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A portion of the renewable hydrogen produced in the new facilities will be used to decarbonize various industries in the region Petrochemical center in TarragonaIncluding Repsol complex. In addition, it is planned to build one Hydrogen collector Which would transfer this gas between consumer companies. The renewable oxygen will also be used by Repsol and other Antarctic industries in their operations and will be distributed thanks to a gas pipeline already in place in Petrochemical polygon. the European Commission Funds for this project were awarded through the European Innovation Fund programme, one of the largest programs in the world to develop innovative technologies with low carbon emissions.

Repsol's goal is to reach a total renewable fuel production capacity, including renewable hydrogen, of between 1.5 and 1.7 million tons in 2027 and between 2.4 and 2.7 million in 2030 in the Iberian Peninsula and the United States, and lead the biofuels market. .

Repsol Industrial Park in Tarragona

he Repsol Industrial Park in Tarragona “It is one of the main drivers of the economy and job creation in the region,” highlights the company. Its facilities employ approximately 1,400 highly qualified people, working in highly specialized jobs. In addition to direct operation, the industrial complex generates, in addition, 1,700 indirect employment positions, as a result of its activity with hundreds of companies in the field related to production, maintenance, logistics, water treatment and reuse, and many other fields.

The industrial complex contributes to the municipal treasury more than 23 million euros in local taxes, and 70% of contracts amounting to about 150 million euros annually are executed in the territory. In addition, on a recurring basis, Repsol invests in Tarragona an average of more than €150 million per year, plus another €80 million in annual maintenance costs.

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The connection with the environment extends in particular to the field of training, through cooperation with the world of universities and research centers and dual vocational training agreements with public institutes and universities.

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