Renato Zero, Nothing But Farewell Music: We’ll See It Here | Where it all started

Renato Zero, Nothing But Farewell Music: We’ll See It Here |  Where it all started
Renato Zero, Italian singer and songwriter – Credit Ansa Foto –

Renato Zero, it was not a farewell: he returned to make people dream with his music where it all began. Details here

Renato Zero is one of the pillars of the Italian musical panorama, making entire generations dream of his masterpieces. Born Renato Fiacchini, he Songwriter And a Songbook Who wrote the history of national music.

Renato was born in 1950 in Rome and showed his personality since his adolescence cheerful And expensive. He made his debut for his city’s clubs and really showed his talent on those occasions strong personality. Most of the audience criticizes and judges him harshly.

You are zerois the typical phrase he hears over and over again. And so, Renato begins performing with the gods deny As evidence of excitement. The public who criticizes him does not know that this young boy in disguise will soon become a true global symbol.

To date, Renato is one of the most loved artists with a successful career. Show him Masterpieces We remember “Mi vendo”, “Triangolo”, “In gardens no one knows”, “Look for me” and many others. In a career spanning several years, Renato published his works 44 albums He wrote more than 500 songs.

Renato Zero, is he sick? Here the truth is revealed

Renato Zero is not just a famous figure in the entertainment world, he is a real person Divinity In the music scene. The “The Best Years of Our Lives” singer was surrounded by affection and love consensus Millions of people internationally. Many fans are always concerned about the fear of losing a great icon, and on many occasions rumors have spread Alleged diseases From the book of songs.

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Renato Zero himself took care to explain the situation and wanted to reassure everyone that he was enjoying it Excellent health. He clearly did it in his own way, and in a completely direct and ironic way, for he declared: “But what should I do? Do I have to provide myself with a medical certificate? With blood tests in hand? I am fine, thank God, and of course if this smear campaign continues, I will eventually feel sick. Adequate. I fed up!”.

Renato Zero
Renato Zero performs in Sanremo – Credit Ansa Foto –

Renato Zero, Nothing But Goodbye: This is where we’ll see him again

Renato Zero, born in 1950, turned 73 a few months ago and, as he mentioned in numerous interviews, is in excellent health. The singer-songwriter has no intention of giving up on his greatest passion, which is now one Reason to live. Renato fans may see her again Where it all startedIt was on stage where he established himself as a big name in Italian music.

In February 2024, barring changes in Rai schedules, the new season will start from Sanremo Festival. In any case, the competitors will be announced at the “Sanremo Giovanni” final, which will be held in December 2023. Among the preliminary performances for the next edition, the name of the great Renato Zero stood out among the competitors. Potential guests From the music event. after For the first time at the Ariston Theater In 1991, he presented the song “Their backs are against the wall“, There may be a return for the great and eccentric Renato. We just have to wait and hope that we will see her back where it all began.

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