Ready 15 million euros!

Ready 15 million euros!

In Brazil, they are particularly sure that Juventus are following in the path of the young striker from Atletico Paranains. Vitor RockHe is 17 years old but is already able to make his mark in the Copa Libertadores.

Also guaranteed Mundo DeportivoEven the Bianconeri will try to burn the competition, represented by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

According to the newspaper, an offer was sent to the Brazilian club by the Juventus administration for the jewel of the 2005 class. 15 million eurosfor which Atletico Paranais could have returned the sender, considering the maximum offers of 45 million that have brought players of the caliber of Vinicius and Rodrygo to Real Madrid in recent years.

Vitor Roc Juventus

The danger is that grabbing Vitor Roque from the clutches of La Liga would require an economic effort beyond the reach of the 2005 class.

The explosive party name has been around for months. In the winter, as Tuttosport reported, Cruzeiro tried to bring him to Europe (the striker was also in Rome) to sell him, and then lost him due to the low release clause, and therefore the boy signed for 5 years at Atletico PR, even if it all ended in labor court And Cruzeiro and America should get compensation. But there will be a haven.

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