March 22, 2023

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Reaction to Katina, the three are still Spit Champions today September 2nd? / triple weak point

Reacting to Katina, Tre allo Spiedo reconfirmed as champions also today September 2, 2022?

For the September 2, 2022 episode of chain reaction, The Three on the spit – They arrived today in Episode VIII as champions – they have only one goal: to conquer the prize pool. A goal they have managed to achieve at the moment only twice and with a not-so-high total (just over three thousand euros). So far, on the other hand, the Ultima Catina game has not greatly satisfied the young trio of Alessandro, Francesco and Marco.

In yesterday’s episode, the three faced on the spit words words, a team made up of Josie, Camila and Anna. The challenge immediately proved in favor of the champions who had little trouble taking the lead and then beating L’Intesa Vincente. On the other hand, there is no lack of understanding between the boys, but perhaps a little focus that should be missing in the end.

Reaction to Katina, another success of the show

Meanwhile, the adventure of the three on spitting in a chain reaction continues to capture the attention of the Rai 1 audience. In fact, the game show hosted by Marco Lorne continues to be The leading Italian pre-evening program. The September 1 episode of Chain Reaction, which featured a challenge between the three on spitting and parole, reached excellent numbers in terms of ratings. Suffice it to say that about 3.71 million fans attended the Rai 1 game show, with a share of over 27%. A number that far outperforms a free fall competitor.

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