Everyone wants it and it costs only 14.99 euros

Everyone wants it and it costs only 14.99 euros

LIDL is the protagonist of Summer 2022. A new promotion is driving customers crazy and soon the product will be nowhere to be found.

The LIDL discount revives the hot summer of 2022 with a series of attractive offers that will satisfy all customers.

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regulars from LIDL discount They have heart shaped eyes when they walk into their favorite store. They know they are waiting for them Incredible Offers And savings opportunities that can’t be found in other supermarkets. Although customers are accustomed to the quality and affordability of the products on offer, the first summer months 2022 prove to be particularly fruitful and illness. after discount On the summer supplement par excellence and the Half the price of three popular products come promotion for 14.99 € This will drive Italians crazy, especially women. The show will start soon, ready to mark the date on the calendar and see which product will be ready to wow?

LIDL, great show is coming

Thursday 7 July The promotion will start on a product loved by women among the most wanted products in the discount store. Let’s talk about the device SilverCrest Anti-Cellulite Massage Priced at 14.99 euros. The tool allows you to massage horizontally and vertically with greater effect thanks to the presence of six wheels. There are two intensities to choose from, one faster and one slower. Every part of the body can be massaged quickly and easily.

the device Comfortable and practical and intuitive operation. In addition, it enjoys a three-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. Among the advantages of a masseur, we mention it stimulating metabolism With connective tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The skin will be softer and more compact to the touch and the massage will help relax the muscles Mild pain in the body. In addition, as mentioned earlier, they are versatile and easy to maneuver.

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An opportunity not to be missed

Knowing the quality of the products sold by discount LIDL, customers will not miss the opportunity to purchase an anti-cellulite massager for less than 15 euros. So it is expected that Rush to buy from July 7th. The advice is not to delay going to the store because you risk losing the opportunity to save and beauty. In the meantime, you can take a look at the file Many other active shows Regarding the most diverse products. Sports equipment, household products, To the sea and groceries, every customer will find something they like because LIDL’s goal is to satisfy every need by offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

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