Ragazzi MedFest returns to Reggio Calabria: science and theater to bring young people closer by Italo Calvino

Ragazzi MedFest returns to Reggio Calabria: science and theater to bring young people closer by Italo Calvino

Theater, music, workshops and literary meetings, 15 days, morning exercises for schools, theatrical performances and an international illustration exhibition sponsored by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Giannino Stoppani Foundation. It looks like this Cosmo & Comes, RagazziMedFest by Italo Calvinothe event he created and directed Space theater In its seventh edition, it offers a special program – From September 24 to October 8 in Reggio CalabriaIn various locations – to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Italo Calvino in an original and festive way, designed for young people.

«Through the intersection of Calvino’s interest in the universe as a factor of inspiration for great literature, we want to capitalize on the contamination between theater and science, continuing along the line started in the previous editions – comments the Artistic Director of Ragazzi MedFest Gaetano Tramontana -. Since it is an important birthday for the author, the starting theme is one of celebration, a situation often present in many of Calvino’s works, primarily the Cosmiccomics. As always, a distinct space is devoted to performances intended for young people, with the aim of finally recognizing Italo Calvino as a very popular composer, as well as one very fine and very sensitive.

Cosmo & Comice – Ragazzi MedFest by Italo Calvino

To open the 7th edition of Ragazzi MedFest, grand opening ceremony – Sunday September 24th On Corso Garibaldi – which will feature artists such as Creativity Academy Company, Stubborn cats, Batoncha, Renata Falcone, Anna Calarco, Tekla De Marco.

from From September 25th to October 8ththe urban center of Reggio Calabria will host the demonstration exhibition “Italian Concessions – Figures by Italo Calvino.” Sponsored by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Accademia Drosselmeyer and Fondazione Giannino Stoppani. An event that will allow participants to immerse themselves in Calvino’s work through visual works, thanks to the works of important painters of the national and international scene. The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by a workshop on Calvino and his photographs, which will be held Grazia Gotticurator of the exhibition, while Julia Tomaione of the illustrators present at the exhibition, will meet school groups on October 5.

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For a program dedicated to theatre, its arrival is highly anticipated Mario PerrottaUbu Award 2022 for Best New Italian Script, on stageOctober 8 In the Zanotti Bianco Auditorium with the song “Come una specie di vertigo”. “Calvino, Freedom”, a work in which the actor and playwright conducts a new and highly personal investigation into the works of Italo Calvino, starting with a fragile but essential word: freedom.

the September 29 In the De Gasperi Hall Sosta Palmizzi Company He will present “Zodiacs. Ready, Set…Space!”, a show dedicated to discovering the universe Francesco Ippolito, Olga Mascolo And Anna Muscatelliwhile the 6 October In the Zanotti Bianco Hall Space theater He will present a special production designed for MedFest Kids: the performance “Tre Cosmicomiche” (also in the morning program for schools on September 26 and 27). Sunday October 1 An appointment between music and theater in the Zanotti Bianco hall with “Marcovaldo – Beppe Cervello reads Calvino”, with live music by Cristiano Califano And the narrative voice of Pepe Cervelo.

To enrich the programme, there are also numerous moments dedicated to literature, designed to stimulate the listening dimension of the little ones and bring them closer to the practice of reading, such as the presentation of the volume “Storia di un protone” by Philip Bonaventure, The astrophysicist who gained a lot of admiration on social media for his project “Who’s Afraid of the Dark?” (October 1 in urban center); “Mr. Palomar”, reading path edited by him Veronica Giuffre (September 30 at Urban Center), Reads Aloud Born to read Reggio Calabria (On October 2 at Libreria Libro Amico) and the meeting with the author Domenico Scarpa (October 3 in the urban center).

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