Radical change of appearance

Radical change of appearance

Does the garment make the monk? Apparently yes. A barber has cut the hair and beard of a homeless man, giving him a new look. Can a man change his life after visiting the barber?

Science has proven it The first impression of a person is created after seven seconds of observation. When you know someone deeply, you can fall in love with their personality and personality, but when they are still unknown, the first thing that matters is their personality. The appearance. This is why if you want to instantly make a good impression with someone, you have to take care of your outward appearance first. Almost always, homeless looks neglectedIt is also imperative for those who rarely access toilets and cannot afford a session with a barber or beautician.

Among the many homeless people inhabiting our planet, there are Bruno Henrique Casero Ramos, a Brazilian who lives on the streets of the metropolis of São Paulo. Like many other thobes, the man has long hair and a thick beard. Or at least keep it until he met Leander Mathias, a barber and hairdresser from Sao Paulo. The latter was across town and was waiting for the traffic light for the pedestrian crossing to turn green, when he noticed Bruno who was begging on the sidewalk.

Barber meets homeless man – the transformation is amazing

In an interview with the Brazilian website Opovo, the barber said that as soon as he saw him he wondered how he could help that man. The first thought that came to his mind was to invite him to his salon. “I gave him my business card and told him he could come see me anytime, because I wanted to help him change his look.” At first Bruno seemed suspicious, so after a few hours the hairdresser returned to him and personally escorted him to his salon. The first thing he did? I gave it Soap and two towels. I told him to wash out of his life. Then I bought him lunch.”

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Homeless turned thanks to the help of a barber. Source: leandromatias1984 – Instagram

After feeding him, as promised, he also radically changes his appearance: “A great haircut complete with highlights, serious beard trimming, and face and eyebrow trimming.”Advertise your hairdresser. How did the tramp react when he saw himself in the mirror? “When I finished, he was in shock. He no longer recognized himself: from homeless he became a model”Mathias joked. After the post went viral in Brazil, a dentist offered to give him free dental treatment. It is unclear what happened nextBut if Bruno was looking for a fresh start, he found it thanks to two generous people.

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