Hereu will seek a government charter for the industry

Hereu will seek a government charter for the industry

Promoting a major industry charter for the re-industrialisation of Spain with European funding as a key instrument. This is the main goal of the new Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Herriot, for the legislative branch, as he defended yesterday in his first intervention in the Branch Committee of the House of Representatives. The goal is not new. Minister Reyes Maroto announced the same thing in 2018, but not the way to do it either, as the Minister devoted most of his speech to listing the following calls for strategic projects (Bertie, in executive terminology).

The majority of parliamentarians criticized the minister who mentioned the already existing aid and projects. Hereu announced a third Perte call for electric and connected vehicles in the amount of 300 million before April (200 million in grants and 100 in loans) and a fourth in the amount of 1,250 million (250 million in grants and 1,000 million in loans) for the second semester of the year.

In addition, he stressed that the Executive is working to “continue aid to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and to simplify and expand charging infrastructure” in relation to the Moves plan. He also explained that there will be a new call for Perte agri-food in “the next few months” and a call for Perte microchips and semiconductors “during 2024”.

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